A/B Testing – What Should You Consider in 2017?

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Split-testing, or A/B testing, has become an important idea in search engine marketing. With so many new and creative ways to market online content, it helps SEM specialists more easily compare different approaches to gauge response and further plan marketing campaigns. A relatively new concept, A/B testing [...]

May 29th, 2017|

The Changing Search Engine Marketing Horizon – Voice Search!

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Internet search becomes a more complicated, yet sophisticated thing every year. As Google continues to focus on helping users more easily find more of what they want, SEM services must pay close attention to keep up. These days, the emphasis on voice search is growing as Google [...]

March 15th, 2017|

Why You Better AMP Up Your Website For Mobile-First!

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Fast page loading has become more important for mobile websites than it has ever been before. In an era where users now expect nearly instantaneous results, lagging behind due to slow load speed is detrimental to mobile SEM. The time has come for SEM services to embrace Google’s [...]

February 22nd, 2017|

Why Mobile Video Ads Are The Next Best SEM Tool!

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As the internet has gone increasingly mobile, it has left SEM services once again questioning the best ways to reach audiences. Visual ads on mobile devices simply do not have the same impact as they do on other devices, as many internet marketing firms have learned. This has led to [...]

September 14th, 2016|

What You Need To Know About Optimizing For Conversions!

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The overall goal of search engine marketing (SEM) and SEM services is to attract viewers and convert them. Yet actually achieving this is eternally the big challenge for any internet marketing company. Still, effective optimization that increases conversion rates does not have to be that difficult, especially when considering [...]

August 25th, 2016|