A New Google Ads UI – Will Your Remarketing Be Ready?

Not too long ago, Google released a new user interface or UI for the AdWords platform that marketers could use as desired.

They have now announced that the new UI will become the standard interface to use by the end of 2018, meaning the previous one will no longer be available.

If you haven’t used it yet, now is the time to get yourself familiarized with it.

Fortunately, the new UI offers many benefits for online marketers creating remarketing campaigns.

Take the time to learn how to use it now so you’re ahead of the game once it becomes the standard and only UI for AdWords.

You may like it more than you think once you see what it can do for you, especially considering how the new Mute This Ad function is working against you.

1. Improved Demographic Targeting

Ever since Google pumped up their Mute This Ad feature, there is one thing that all marketers need to focus on now, it’s targeting.

You’ll still need to put in plenty of research to determine your best audience; however, now AdWords will help a little more.

Previously, AdWords allowed you to target based on gender and age.

Now you can add to that parental status and household income.

This can help you improve your ad relevance and conversion rate.

2. Improved Reporting

As every marketer knows, reports are essential for monitoring campaigns and making the adjustments necessary to improve them.

The new AdWords is handing marketers a huge offering of reports you can run as well as improved displays that make them easier to interpret.

From colorful bar graphs to highlighted heat maps, the UI makes it easier to create the reports you need in the most convenient, easily interpreted formats.

3. New Promotion Extensions

The new AdWords UI now includes an additional extension: the Promotion extension.

This extension allows you to highlight a specific sale or promotion ad on your website without having to redo the whole thing or going through the effort of creating a new one.

You won’t be cramming characters into your ad and the extension allows you to promote your offer in multiple places with ease.

4. Advanced Bid Adjustments

The new UI also gives marketers an easier way to manage bid adjustments.

The Advanced Bid Adjustments feature now allows bid adjustments for call ads. Now you can adjust bids quickly and easily for your ads that prompt users to make a call rather than just click to go to a webpage or landing page.

The Bid Adjustments tab has also been streamlined to make managing and making bid adjustments easier overall and save you time.

So before anyone panics worrying about the new AdWords UI and how different it is, keep in mind that these changes are bringing in some great new features.

The greater your ability to target, report, and manage your campaigns, the more success you’ll have with them.

This is especially important now since it's becoming more challenging to do well with the AdWords platform.

Start learning the new UI today so it’s old hat once it becomes mandatory!

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October 6th, 2018|