Through the development of better methods of SEO, backlinks have become one of the ways for a website to increase its credibility and value with Google. When inbound links come from other reputable websites, there are numerous search engine optimization benefits, since the link acts like an approval from a valued source. The benefit of inbound links is changing with the latest algorithm releases by Google; however, that does not mean all value with inbound links is gone. Quality backlinks provide more importance to an average website than just a thumbs-up.

Building Credibility

New businesses face many challenges in the quest to build credibility with consumers. Customarily, this is done through reputation marketing, creating a great website, and using the best SEO marketing possible. It is a big boost to a website’s credibility when a well-known brand recognizes a less-known or new website via a backlink. It is the proverbial pat on the back or high five to a website fortunate enough to collect links from an existing website that is deemed credible and reputable.

This effort of link-building from a trusted website to a newer one is a win-win situation for consumers as well. Following a link from a well-know and valued company’s website to a newer one within the same niche market often opens up venues not previously available. A company can increase its readership base – and customer base – just by associating with a recognized authority in that niche.

Free Advertising and Referrals

It is a well-known fact that celebrities sell products and services – it is all over the internet. If it is a very favored, recognized actor or actress, many consumers will trust that person’s opinion of a product or service. Backlinks from an existing, credible website to a newer one is the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement. Customers of an established website are often willing to at least look at the services or products found via a link to another website. Such a referral is a great asset in achieve the best SEO results.

All of this is basically free advertising that transmits a positive opinion from one website to another – to the benefit of both. The newer business sees an increase in traffic to their website from backlinks as well as increased conversions. If new visitors are happy with what they find, they are more likely to share such information via their social circle, which makes for improved SEO results for both websites

Now it is possible to see how a good inbound link is more than what meets the eye. Even though the value that Google is allowing for such links and the best SEO is changing, there are more benefits to be gained. It is certainly not time to eliminate the use of backlinks from high quality, established websites to newer, less-known ones. Backlinks are still a valuable part of some of the best SEO efforts – let it help build your business!

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