Product descriptions that are responsible for actually selling products are one of the most overlooked parts of an ecommerce website. Too often business owners simply paste unoriginal content or even stock text provided by the manufacturer into their product pages expecting it to be sufficient.

Unfortunately, this is far from adequate from an ecommerce marketing strategy standpoint.Make your product pages more effective and increase sales by writing product information the same as ecommerce marketing companies.

Great product descriptions give your customers the information they need to confidently purchase from your website.

Focus on Fulfilling Buyer Needs

The best ecommerce product descriptions view a product from the eyes of the buyer, explaining it in a way that the person making a purchase can understand.

When focusing on specific buyers, your ecommerce marketing strategy is better able to illustrate to those interested exactly why they need your product and how it can solve their immediate problems.

Highlight the Benefits

In addition to product specifications, an experienced ecommerce marketing company realizes that descriptions should also highlight the benefits available to a shopper if they make a purchase.

Explain the ways your product can help them perform a specific task or achieve a certain goal. Expand on product features by pointing out what your products have to offer.

Use Sensory and Superlative Words

Words that evoke some kind of emotion or feeling are important to elevate a feeling of need when a buyer reviews a product. Ecommerce product descriptions that include superlative words such as "best" and "easiest" can spark interest when supported by the details that support such a statement.

Similarly, vivid sensory adjectives that help an online buyer get the feel, taste, or smell of the product are equally convincing.

Include Great Supporting Images and Stories

Besides reading product details, buyers want to see the product up close and in use. Improve your ecommerce marketing strategy by including clear, professional images from multiple angles that show off all of the important details.

Include Mini-Stories and Other Social Proof

Buyers like to know that other people who have purchased the product approve of it and find it a worthwhile purchase. Two ways an ecommerce marketing company can portray this is with mini-stories as well as by including customer testimonials about the product page. A mini-story is an excerpt describing the way a customer has used the product and the ways it has solved their problem.

Make It Easily to be Scanned

After including all of this great product information, make sure it is easy to read and understand. Use lists, bullet points, and clear images. Make sure that user reviews and testimonials are prominently displayed. Make it easy for readers to see the important details that will entice them to buy.

The goal in writing product descriptions for your ecommerce website is to present each product in a favorable light. This will help prove to shoppers that what you are selling is exactly what they need. Beyond technical information, effective ecommerce marketing strategy description pages should be unique, interesting, and enticing.

Try the tips above used by most ecommerce marketing companies to write compelling, effective descriptions that will get you the sales you want!

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