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Did You Know Reviews On Ecommerce Websites Increase Conversions?

Got some sensational reviews on Amazon or Walmart? It is a proven fact that reviews on ecommerce websites increase conversion ratios. Did you know that you can copy Amazon and Walmart reviews to your company’s website? Do you have someone doing that right now?

The image below is from a client who participated in our reviews consolidation.  Adding reviews helped increase conversions by 101% and revenue by almost 500%!

3X Your Business – Online Reviews!





$495 One Time

Consolidate 100 Reviews From Amazon or Walmart To Your Website

Marketing Heroes help to grow my business consistently throughout the year. Each month they come up with new ideas and solid plans to implement them. They work on long term strategies to place your website in front of your target audience driving the results you are looking for.
Doug Carpenter
Wow! I had no idea moving my reviews from Amazon to my store would help so much with purchases!
Julia Stafford
It’s something so simple but who has the time to do all this? The folks at Marketing Heroes moved my Walmart reviews to my store and I immediately saw the benefit!
Darin Casey

What Are Review Moving Services?

Most ecommerce businesses see their Amazon reviews and wish they were on their own website. They don’t know that reviews on Amazon and Walmart can be copied to their website. Are you doing that now? Do you have someone dedicated to making sure those reviews are copied to your website? That is just what Review Consolidation Services does for clients – takes the extra time needed to copy those great reviews and put them on client business website.

Amazon Reviews

You sell products through Amazon and purchasers write reviews. Those reviews have been found to be priceless and are consider by most shoppers to be very trustworthy – so put them on your website and let them increase your conversion rate!

Walmart Reviews

Walmart is recognized as giving product value to their customers at a reasonable price. Purchasers of your product through Walmart may leave a review for other shoppers to read. Let us copy that review to your website so that visitors have the same benefit from that review!

We want you to be totally psyched about our Reviews Consolidation Service. If at any time within 30 days of starting, you are not 100% satisfied, you may request a refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of ecommerce website reviews?

It is a proven fact that conversions increase with greater numbers of reviews. User generated content or USG can have a dramatically positive impact on ecommerce SEO.

How are online reviews used by customers?

A large percentage of customers – up to 70% – use customer reviews to make a purchasing decision. If you don’t have them on your ecommerce website – you lose.

Why do customers find online reviews valuable?

It is unbiased information that offers honest insight about a product. It builds trust in that product and business.

Is it legal to copy reviews?

It is so long they are reviews to a product or service that you fulfilled on and as long as you copy the review to your website – you cannot use that review in any other way or on any other website.

Is it hard to copy reviews from Amazon to my website?

It is involved – and more importantly, it is time-consuming. Do you have the time to do that or devote the time of an employee to do that on a regular basis?

Exactly what service will I get?

We will copy 100 of your Amazon or Walmart reviews and put them in the Reviews section for each product on your website for $95. How many products we consolidate the reviews for depends on how many reviews are identified times the amount of products.

So for instance if we identify 10 reviews for 10 products, we will spread how we move the reviews out so they are not all done on the same day on the same products so they don’t look artificial. In this case we would probably spread them out to one review per each of the 10 products per day for ten business days.

Why is this price so low?

Basically, we want to help your business grow. We believe that once you see the value of our services through this offer, you will want to work with us on all of your ecommerce marketing activities. You’ll have figured out how valuable we can be to your company!

Are you ready to let Marketing Heroes help your ecommerce business grow? This is a limited time offer – don’t wait too long!

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