Though trends in how to improve optimization to get the best SEO results come and go, one of the more essential and unchanging elements of good search engine optimization is the strategic use of keywords. Of course, knowing how and where to use them is only half the battle – and it is a battle to determine which keywords are the best ones to use. Understanding how to separate the good from bad with keywords is a skill that just takes some practice and thinking about keyword development in a slightly different way.

What Makes A Good Keyword?

Good keywords are actually more often phrases and not just one work as single words are no longer quite as effective with search engine optimization. Thanks to the increasing usage of mobile devices to search for t hings, most internet users fine tune their searches with longer and more specific search terms in order to find what they want. Well-constructed keyword phrases are much more successful, both as search terms and key phrases. Consider the following important ways to help create key phrases in order to have the best results with SEO.

  • Be Specific – Phrases need to be specific enough to cover the actual topic yet not so specific as to require a lot of thought. An example of this is “pet friendly hotels.” It is more descriptive than just “pet friendly.” Someone looking for hotels that accept pets needs to search for more than “pet friendly” to get the best SEO results – and most internet searchers know that fact.

  • Good Descriptors – A descriptor is a word or phrased that is used to describe an item. Using just“pet supplies” or “pet food” is not an example of good descriptors; they are both too vague and general. Using “grain free dog food” as a keyword gets to the heart of what someone would search for and is a way to create better optimization and the best SEO. Just don’t be too specific as that can actually have more negative results for keyword searches.

  • Smart Geo-Targeting – Geo-targeting is fairly simple it is targeting the actual area primarily served by a website. Town and city names are more than enough if a business does not extend beyond that. Adding states to key phrases is only relevant if the business serves the entire state.

Choosing the Best Phrases

Selecting the right phrases is frequently accomplished by using website analytics to find the most promising phrases for first-rate search engine optimization results. Create a list of relevant, specific, and optimized phrases that have good descriptors, then determine the best options from those. Anymore, the best search results come from more customized search terms – and this requires analyzing and choosing only the best key phrases from the start.

Keyword research is a science that will never be perfected; however, by using the proper methods it is possible to gain the benefit that good search phrases provide. By tailoring key phrases more completely and relating them to what is actually being searching, the best SEO success is right around the corner!

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