Websites – When S-L-O-W Is Not A Good Thing!

The purpose of a website is to be seen and be functional for those who use it. Beyond that, the quality of the content on a site is of major importance; however, content that is never seen is of little value. SEO expert services in College Station Texas find that website speed causes the greatest problems in site effectiveness, as it prevents access and turns viewers away. Understanding this, website owners should evaluate the operating speed of their website and improve it if necessary.

Website Speed – Vital

In today’s “grab and go” world, speed is everything. Fast food, fast coffee to go, and fast answers are what people want – which make website success dependent upon its speed more than ever. SEO expert services in College Station TX say this is especially true considering how many people primarily access a website on smartphones and tablets, making a fast, responsive site even more critical.

If there is a wait, most users will go to another source to find what they want rather than wait. This happens even if that search takes more time than simply waiting would have, since searching is searching – not waiting. College Station SEO expert services advise that making users wait is basically a cardinal sin of website function – and must be avoided at all costs.

Fast Loading Pages – Important

When it comes to loading speed, the goal for every website must be pages that load as close to instantaneously as possible. SEO expert services in College Station Texas suggest this is especially true for the home page. On the other hand, interior pages that time out, or take longer to load, eventually cause frustration as well.

Studies on website loading speed show that for each additional second a viewer has to wait for a web page to load, the more likely it is that they will leave the site and look elsewhere. Considering this, those who work in SEO efforts suggest that a website should take no longer than five seconds to load, preferably shorter, or they risk losing viewers who simply do not want to wait.

Some of this behavior is due to impatience; however, many users choose not to wait for other reasons. Because of the numerous poorly-designed, slow-loading websites that don’t provide quality content, many viewers sense that the content on that site may be disappointing, not worth the wait – and move on.

Avoiding Slow Pages – Essential

Being visible on the internet depends on many different things that work together to either increase or decrease that likelihood. Beginning with website loading speed, these components can make it harder for a website to attain good SEO, the attention of users, and attract Google’s indexers. With many bounce backs caused by slow loading, a website is punished with the loss of viewers and the loss of importance with Google.

To prevent this, SEO expert services in College Station Texas must ensure that a website operate smoothly and avoid elements that are known speed killers. Flash is in the past, and for good reason – it slows down websites and is inaccessible on mobile. Similarly, video and image use should be done carefully, keeping only what is necessary to the website as they can drastically slow down website speed.

For the most efficient website that does what is should and loads quickly, a wise choice would be to see the services of SEO experts in College Station TX. Staying ahead of the competition can be as simple as saving a few seconds of time to keep a viewer’s attention!

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