Why A WIX Site Won’t Do @#$! For SEO Rankings!

Having an attractive and functional website is more important than ever; however. accomplishing this requires knowledge, time, and money. Using a “do-it-yourself” website editor such as WIX, Web.com or Weebly is a popular choice – well, face the facts – you get what you pay for! Using DIY editors, rather than SEO expert services in College Station Texas, may save initial costs and let a company create a good-looking website in minutes – and it will leave any positive SEO results in the dust, and it could result in lost business.

How Important Is Appearance?

The biggest problem with online website editors is that they produce an attractive website but eliminate true, effective SEO. It is impossible to get detailed, individually-tailored SEO without starting from scratch This is because every website is different, with various goals and purposes, requiring different optimization methods, which is why expert SEO services in College Station TX is so important.

DIY Website Editors and SEO Pitfalls

On the surface, there are some advantages to using a DIY editor; however, when looking more in depth, there really is little value, at least for a professional website. Below are some of the pitfalls of online website editors.

  • Flash – The use of flash is or should be gone – as it will not work on many mobile devices; responsive design is essential for multiple platform access. Flash makes viewing nearly impossible and negatively affects optimization with most search engines. SEO experts in College Station advise using flash; it may look nice with some templates – but it will cost a business in the long run.

  • Mobile Sites – The biggest problem with these cheap website builders is that their form of ‘responsive’ web design is to offer mobile sites as a separate website – not one responsive site that works on multiple devices. Although some change is being seen, most of the WIX-type templates still use separate web and mobile sites, which is an identified SEO killer.

  • Templates – Yes, DIY website builders make it easy to set up a website in minutes using drag-and-drop functions; however, they do nothing for the type of optimization used by SEO expert services in College Station Texas. There are pages of cumbersome code that search engines may not even recognize let alone get through – and that code for the most part cannot be edited by the type of website owner who uses DIY builders like WIX.

  • Domain Names – DIY site builders, at least in the free versions, build a URL by using their name and then add the actual website name after that, making it a sub-domain of that name. As an example, it would be www.diywebsitebuilder/yourwebsitename.com as your URL. This is totally wrong for the best SEO in College Station TX, defeating any other SEO efforts on the website. With a paid version, the website can use its own domain name and get a clean URL; however, the other limitations still stack up to make website builders less of a bargain than originally thought.

The saying that you get what you pay for is pretty well true when it comes to something like WIX. DIY website builders may be a good option for a simple website where optimization is not important; however, for a business in need of good optimization, the answer to using WIX is &#@% NO – or something like that. College Station SEO expert services are a much better value by far. Even with higher up-front costs, the SEO results they yield prove their worth with improved SEO performance!

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