In the world of Google and SEO, there is a place known as the ‘sandbox.’ It is a virtual place where a new website ‘plays’ with all the other newly created websites and remain – waiting to be noticed. To get out into the open, where sites are more easily found on SERP’s, takes patience and working with the best College Station SEO consultants. Getting out of the Google sandbox involves understanding what it is and how it works.

What Is the SEO Sandbox?

In simplest terms, the Google sandbox is the place at the end of search engine results where most websites land for various reasons, making them difficult to find. They are buried underneath many other websites that attract more attention, stuck in a sort of virtual “Catch-22” of the internet. These websites need to attract the proper attention to dig themselves out of the sandbox; however, they cannot get that attention without the help of experienced and dedicated SEO consultants in College Station Texas.

Guess what – not all sandboxes are created equal. Some are relatively small, based on less common searches, and easier to get out of. Websites built around the most popular topics and popular keywords are huge and it takes a lot of effort to escape. Until a website begins to show some value to its visitors, it is unable to break out of the Google sandbox and work its way toward the top of the SERP’s.

Getting Out of the SEO Sandbox

There are three significant aspects that place and keep a website in the sandbox; each must be addressed in order to climb out and rank higher in the SERP’s:

  • Age – There is no way to fight the fact that new domains are passed over by Google’s indexers simply because they are new. There are two reasons for this: newer websites have not yet built up a following, value, authority, or reputation; and so many websites are abandoned within the first six months of existence. Web spiders or bots are programmed to pay less attention to new sites because of these reasons, focusing instead on websites that have withstood the test of time. Persistence has paid off with a jump in visits as Google finally begins to acknowledge a website’s existence.

  • Presence – To escape the sandbox, it is important to work diligently on building a website presence, using good marketing techniques with the help of great SEO consultants. This is usually done through social media and frequent updates. Establishing recognition is crucial to the process of gaining a foothold in the SERP’s, where a website can be found by someone actually looking for it.

  • Content – Above all else, content is what works best at getting a website out of the Google sandbox – provided it is high quality and well-marketed. Information that is perceived as valuable is well received by both readers and Google. The best way for content to be seen is through specific marketing techniques such as those suggested by the best SEO consultants in College Station TX.

The moral of the Google sandbox story is that persistence pays off. New websites must persevere through the first three to six months to begin to climb out of the sandbox. Through content marketing, building a good online presence, and using experienced SEO consultants in College Station TX, a continually updated and improved website will make its way onto the SERP’s. Confidence and diligence is the key to success!

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