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When I first hired Marketing Heroes over five years ago I knew nothing about websites or internet advertising. They taught me the importance of building and maintaining a strong internet presence to improve my business. By following Marketing Heroes’ advice my business has exploded. I cannot thank them enough. Each and every month I receive reports from them and suggestions on how to improve my marketing campaigns. The Marketing Heroes team is always extremely courteous, professional, and responsive to my questions. I Have grown to trust the Marketing Heroes team, and highly recommend them. They truly are my personal Marketing Heroes. If you are interested in growing your business there is no better place to start than with Marketing Heroes.
Reynaldo Garza III
I see why you charge for this. It’s way more than a marketing meeting – it’s a business strategy workshop!
Curtis Davis
I think the growth workshop was very informative and helped me understand exactly what we are trying to accomplish. The only recommendation I have is to do this at the beginning of your relationship with clients but I know that is your plan.
Brett Brewer
Marketing Heroes help to grow my business consistently throughout the year. Each month they come up with new ideas and solid plans to implement them. They work on long term strategies to place your website in front of your target audience driving the results you are looking for.
Doug Carpenter

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