Most Businesses Struggle with Growth.

Let us Guide You Through a Proven Marketing Framework that is Guaranteed to Increase Your Revenue and Avoid Getting Beaten by Your Competition.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How in the world do I get more clients and customers?
  • How can I find a marketing company who understands our goals?
  • What if I run out of money and resources?
  • How can we leverage marketing to accomplish our goals?

You’re in the right place!

Every business wants to grow and dominate their market. But the lack of knowledge it takes in today’s marketing environment can make you feel isolated, uncertain and unclear.

We understand what you are going through. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses successfully grow their revenue where we’ve implemented a proven marketing framework that is broken down into 4 stages that is guaranteed to increase your revenue and avoid losing out on opportunities, stalling your business, and getting beat by your competition.

Want to Grow Your Business?

Do you want to grow your business, but you’re struggling with keeping up with the constantly changing marketing landscape and that’s making you feel isolated, uncertain and unclear?

We understand. Marketing Heroes serves as the outsourced marketing department for many small to medium sized businesses. Our 4R Marketing Packages are a bundle of everything we know it takes to drive in-bound leads to businesses and are meant to completely offset the cost of hiring an in-house marketing employee – except you get to leverage an entire marketing department.

What is the Marketing Heroes 4R Marketing System?

The Marketing Heroes 4R Marketing system is an evergreen marketing system that has been developed in the past 13 years to maximize what we’ve found to be the four pillars of marketing – Reputation, Reach, Resell, & Referral.

We say the 4R system is an evergreen system because as certain strategies no longer work, we simply take them out and replace them with a new strategy that works. For instance, Yellow Pages for Reach simply doesn’t work anymore like it did 10 years ago as technology has evolved and people for the most part don’t use yellow pages anymore – they use their phones. So we’ve simply replaced it with SEO & Maps Marketing. However, Reach will always be a pillar of marketing.

The 4 R’s stand for:



What are people saying about you? Reputations take a long time to build, but they can be badly damaged with just a few stray comments from unhappy clients.

Marketing Heroes develops marketing systems that:

  • Systematically enhance your reputation
  • Decrease the impact of any negativity about your brand in the marketplace
  • Position you as the preferred choice in your local market

reach-icon Reach

Do more people know about you today than yesterday? Marketing Heroes develops marketing systems that:

  • Target your marketing efforts to the right audience
  • Get your name in front of more of the right prospects each day
  • Keep you front-and-center in the marketplace so you aren’t forgotten


Are you maximizing the value of your existing client base? It takes time, money and effort to acquire new clients. Why not capitalize on your investment by focusing on those who are already buying from you?!

Marketing Heroes can help you capture more revenue per client by developing marketing systems that:

  • Up sell new clients
  • Cross sell your complimentary services
  • Increase the average lifetime value of your clients


FACT: Referrals spend more and convert better and faster.

But there’s a catch: Even if your clients love you, they’re not likely to recommend you to their peers unless you ask them to. We can help you create systems and campaigns that:

  • Generate more referrals
  • Get the good word about you spread virally in social media
  • Enhance your overall reputation in the marketplace

You don’t need to passively wait for your clients to spread the word about your business! We can help you promote and channel positive buzz to boost referrals and increase business development activity.

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