A new year is right around the corner and just like every year before, it's time for marketers to review projects, clean up websites, and analyze lead generation methods.

From all the Google algorithm updates to evolving audience habits, the internet is constantly changing, meaning digital marketing strategies should be changing with them.

Using this easy three-step process, it’s easy to analyze current marketing plans and identify the changes that need to be made to create a more effective lead generation strategy moving forward.

Quite simply, all you need to do is review what is driving your sales, figure out what parts of your plan is preventing sales, and then implement more effective ideas and improve those that are generating them.

What’s Driving Your Traffic?

Before you can revamp any lead generation method, you’ve got to identify the significant factors driving users to your site.

Learn more about buying intent by analyzing where users are coming from, whether it’s through social media, paid advertising, organic search, or other ways.

Understand target audiences more and how to capture the most driven sectors by studying keywords, page time, user activity, goal completion, and other factors to help you understand pain points and your user’s goal in the present, as these factors may have changed since last year.

What’s Hurting Conversion Rates?

Next, uncover the things that are preventing users from actually converting.

You can do that using a website funnel analysis or qualitative analysis, as both of these techniques should help you see where you’re losing audiences today as opposed to when your digital marketing strategy was refreshed a year ago.

How Can You Improve Conversion Rates?

Once conversion problems are identified, you can go about correcting them and reworking your lead generation marketing plan.

In addition, kick off your lead generation strategy by reviewing these important optimization details, as they can either positively or negatively affect conversion rates:

  • Focus On UX - User experience should always be the focus of every website design; methods for providing good UX may change over time as technology, audiences, and other details change.
  • Be Mobile-Friendly - As mobile use continues to increase and mobile web technology continues to evolve, review mobile websites and make sure yours are keeping up.
  • Take Advantage of Social Proof - Encourage testimonials and feedback from customers and put all those positive comments to work. Highlight important testimonials, create case studies to provide proof, and let feedback and comments answer questions from other users, all of which can help to drive new sales.
  • Optimize Websites - Reduce bounce rates and streamline the website experience by freshening and updating content to be more correct and current, removing duplicate, unnecessary, or outdated pages and applying standard optimization techniques.
  • Limit Choice - Marketing research indicates that fewer choices drive more sales than the other way around. Offer what your most driven audiences want and need today to reduce the confusion of too many choices.

Improve Conversions With Updated Strategies

Even the best lead generation strategy will eventually start to fail if it’s not updated over time.

With the year coming to an end, use these last few weeks to research target audience habits yet again and evaluate your current digital marketing methods.

Once you’ve adjusted your strategies to meet the needs of today’s audience, you’ll be ready to turn 2020 into your most successful year yet!

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