Great SEO services are critical for ecommerce websites, which must be found in searches in order to fulfill their purposes. For great pagerank, SEO help must address great onpage optimization, the same as it does for any other type of website.

Because Google’s algorithm has changed in the past year or two, ecommerce marketing professionals must incorporate the following 6 essential optimization techniques to achieve ecommerce website success while reducing reliance on PPC advertising.

1. Practice Effective Standard SEO Techniques

The backbone of SEO help as it relates to all types of webpages never changes. Understanding this, ecommerce marketing sites must be optimized with great onpage techniques such as:

  • Optimization of meta titles and descriptions.
  • Effective use of important keywords within titles, content, and as anchor text.
  • Quality link building.
  • Other ranking basics.

In addition, SEO services should continuously manage site speed, include 301 redirects to hold onto audiences who may hit a dead page, and make sure the site and any new pages as they are added are properly indexed as part of a good ecommerce marketing strategy.

2. Optimize Product Images for Search

SEO consulting experts know that product images are one of the most important parts of a successful ecommerce marketing strategy. They can be made even more efficient with optimized filenames and alt-text that includes descriptive text and essential keywords. In doing so, the ability to crawl images and perform searches increase, making product pages easier to locate.

3. Seek and Encourage Product Reviews

Testimonials from actual customers are one of the best ways for SEO services to build page and website authority. Enabling and requesting product reviews from customers is a great way to build consumer trust in both the product and the company selling it. It is part of effective ecommerce marketing since it acts as free SEO help by continuously creating new, original content on the website that can improve pagerank.

4. Integrate a Blog and Original Content

Fresh, original content posted regularly to a website is an important factor in achieving great pagerank. The best way for SEO consulting firms in charge of ecommerce marketing campaigns to implement this with an ecommerce site is to integrate a blog and publish to it regularly. Blog posts distributed via social media, email lists, and other ways can draw interest to featured products and pass on pertinent information to viewers. It also helps increase pagerank and website sales.

5. Avoid Duplicate Content on Product Pages

Google flags duplicate content, whether it is in a blog post or on a product page. As challenging as it may be, creating unique content for product pages is another essential part of effective marketing for ecommerce websites. URLs, image file, and product names, and descriptions should all be original.

Above all, avoid using the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer since there are likely thousands of other websites that have used this identical content as part of their ecommerce marketing strategy.

6. Be Mobile-Friendly

To improve customer satisfaction,increase product searchability, and have an overall effective ecommerce marketing strategy, ecommerce websites must be mobile-friendly and function on mobile devices. More than 50% of all searches are performed on mobile devices now. Google recognizes easily accessible and mobile-friendly sites with better pagerank.

By utilizing the 6 crucial SEO help tips above, ecommerce marketing professionals can help any ecommerce website climb up in the ranks for its many products. With so much business competition out there, SEO help must do everything possible to give ecommerce pages the boost they need for website success!

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