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Split-testing, or A/B testing, has become an important idea in search engine marketing. With so many new and creative ways to market online content, it helps SEM specialists more easily compare different approaches to gauge response and further plan marketing campaigns. A relatively new concept, A/B testing is proving its worth when SEM services appropriately use it to effectively target specific markets.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B or split testing is a simple type of testing performed by producing two different versions of something, then comparing their performance. In online marketing, SEM services can use A/B testing to compare two different approaches to common marketing variables such as keyword focus, audience targeting, content details, etc. It provides an easy, quick, and effective way to learn the best approach and avoid the sometimes lengthy waits common with other marketing techniques.

A/B testing is also superior to A/A testing, which only tests similar versions of a website against each other to ensure proper approach. Using A/B testing, SEM specialists are able to gain more useful information faster and determine which marketing plan is working best. Those variables being tracked in A/A tests can be easily monitored in other ways such as cross-browser and user testing as well as by cross-checking with different analytics tools.

Important Ways to Use A/B Testing

Split-testing can be done in a number of useful ways to determine the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns. It can be done onsite by creating multiple versions of landing pages with different headlines, different keywords, etc. It can also be done offsite using modified online ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. In either case, the goal is for SEM specialists to monitor things like user traffic and response rates based on the different variables to determine which option is working more efficiently.

Getting the Most from A/B Testing

When implementing A/B testing to improve SEM services, it is important to pay attention to a few details that will help ensure worthwhile testing. Although it can be a more efficient means of gauging the results of different experiments, split-testing will not always produce immediate results.

Testing should continue through at least one complete business cycle, whether that is a week or a month be repeated and results monitored even after seeing initial results. Testing for mobile use should also be performed exclusive of testing being done on desktop websites and ads.

To gain a full appreciation of how well different test versions are working, it is essential to seek user feedback in the form of surveys and polls to understand how users are navigating the site and how different changes being tested affect site use.

A/B testing is an important tool that lets SEM services test different marketing questions to determine the most successful approach. Through careful monitoring of multiple versions of landing pages, online ads, and marketing emails, SEM specialists can gauge the response of different variables and apply the ones that prove to be more successful. Using this type of testing, SEMs can create successful marketing plans to reach target audiences and achieve more conversions!

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