Digital marketing may seem like it’s only for bigger businesses, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Digital marketing services are a critical tool to help small businesses grow by increasing exposure and attracting more customers.

That said, there is a lot to know about online marketing before you get started.

Take a look at this basic guide to learn how it all works so when you contact a digital marketing company, you know what it’s all about and what to expect.

It’s A Mobile-Friendly World Out There

Everyone has a cell phone in their hand these days to connect with the internet while on the go which means that more than half of all web searches happen on mobile devices.

What this means to you and a realistic digital marketing strategy is that your website must be built using responsive design and developed to be user-friendly for mobile use.

It should satisfy Google’s requirements of being a mobile-friendly website so it gets top consideration by the search algorithm and can actually be found when users search mobile.

SEO Is Everything for Bringing In Business

SEO or search engine marketing is an essential part of a good marketing strategy that a digital marketing company will use to get your business noticed.

It involves numerous methods of optimizing your website content so your pages are more likely to show up high in the search results.

Ranking in the SERPs starts with a good mobile-friendly website design and high-quality relevant content; however, it goes much further ;to encompass SEO for local search, voice search, and other techniques that make your business as visible as possible.

Content Is King - Especially Video Content

To keep your website active and searchable, your digital marketing services should include the continued circulation of relevant content that will attract viewers to your website.

Textual and image content are great; however, today video content is getting even better results as it's easier for people to search while mobile, then watch a short video on your website or social media page.

Social and Influencer Marketing Are Important

Another important part of effective online marketing is the active use of social media.

Social media allows you to grow a following that can eventually grow your customer base.

Social influencers partner with you to spread your content and brand name to their followers as well, making your social marketing methods even more effective.

Campaign Tracking

When you work with an experienced digital marketing company that will track the effect of your marketing campaigns, you will see the evidence of your business growth firsthand.

Additionally, by tracking the important metrics, marketing firms can help you plan ways to improve on those results so you get a top return for your promotional dollar and grow your business even more.

Digital Marketing Is Essential for Small Business Success

Although digital marketing may seem like a complex, foreign topic for many small business owners, it’s an essential need for success in today’s business landscape.

Learn more about these and other online marketing topics by contacting a digital marketing company today.

With the right marketing strategy and digital services, you’ll stay ahead of your competition and see your business grow!

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