There are many factors that can affect a website’s traffic, search engine optimization, and ability to achieve desired goals as a result. Some of these concepts are more discussed more than others; however, little details can add up to big rewards if properly used. Search engine optimization is certainly recognized as an important factor; however, there are others such as authority and relevance that can help boost optimization as well.

Authority is Important

Authority – and its cousin credibility – play important roles in a website’s SEO success – and is a simple idea to understand. Essentially, in order for a website to gain optimization and traffic, it must have credibility which is created by having authority. Having website authority is being able to relay a website’s message through valuable content that, along with SEO, allows a site to become a recognized source for that information. When authority builds, it is by earning more recognition which aids better optimization.

It also helps when writers who officially author their postings with authorship applications begin to develop some notoriety and following in a certain topic. High value incoming links help as well. Anything about a website that increases value to readers adds up to authority.

Relevance is Relevant

Content relevance is produced when content – topics, keywords, and search engine optimization methods – matches what a target audience wants to find. Content that adheres strictly to its topic, offers new and valuable information, and uses good optimization methods will be perceived as being relevant by audiences, search engines, and other linking websites.

It should be note that relevance helps build authority the same way that authority helps to build relevance as well. This is yet another one of the many cyclical designs that goes together to crease a well-optimized site.

Relevance and Authority Affect SEO

Adding search engine optimization into the formula, relevance and authority helps to increase SEO as SEO in turn strengthens relevance and authority. How it works is pretty simple – as a website is found to be relevant and authoritative, it gains increased traffic and backlinks, which together help to improve SEO. This in turn helps authority and in fact can only be achieved with relevance, so it is hopefully easy to see how different factors can come together and actually work together.

Because there is no one formula that will work for every website, many of the essential processes that go into the creation of an outstanding website are co-dependent, which is not necessarily a bad thing in this case. It is a great indicator of which parts of the puzzle are not fitting right and may need more attention. Once the cycle has been smoothed out, the three parts – relevance, authority and SEO – should work well together to gain great results in achieving page rank, traffic, and increased conversions as well!

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