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To stay competitive these days, web marketing must focus on the continuous delivery of high-quality, relevant content that attracts audiences, promotes sharing, and increases conversions. Before content uploaded by a web marketing company can have any effect, it must be indexed so Google can serve the pages as search results. Indexing can be slow, reducing website efficiency. Web marketing services must take the necessary steps to ensure that Google is seeing new content quickly and driving traffic to it.

Is Google Seeing Your New Content?

When web marketing services upload new content to a website, there is no magic wand that causes Google to immediately recognize it. Until the new pages are crawled and indexed, they may not be recognized through a search. To speed up this process, a web marketing company must identify which pages have not been indexed and then help Google find them so they can be crawled quickly.

Since crawl budgets are not endless, web marketing efforts should include periodically generating server log files that point out which pages are seeing traffic and which are not. Once the pages that are not actively generating traffic have been identified, it is possible to understand why this may not be happening and take the steps necessary to get them recognized.

How to Get New Content Noticed Faster

The lack of traffic to certain pages or the slow crawling of new content can often be attributed to issues with the site itself. After generating a list of URLs that are not being crawled, web marketing services must investigate to determine if any of the following issues are preventing crawling or keeping a page from generating traffic:

  • Poor Website Structure - Web pages are crawled through various links on a website. A deep website structure that requires multiple clicks to get to the deepest pages slows crawling and increases the chance that some pages may be missed altogether. To encourage crawling, site structure should be as shallow as possible. Ideally, to ensure the most important content is indexed quickly and frequently, it should be linked as close to the main page as possible so crawlers can more easily find it more.
  • Lack of Internal Linking - Another problem that slows crawling is a lack of sufficient internal page links. The more incoming links a page has, the greater its chance of being found and quickly crawled. Internal page links are an important web marketing technique that should be used on every website to improve crawl rate and positively affect SEO.
  • Poor Content Quality - Sometimes pages may not be seeing traffic because they are not delivering quality information or the content is not relevant to the keywords. As always, a web marketing company must analyze pages that are not receiving their share of attention to determine if content type or quality is attributing to the lack of traffic.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that there is more to generating web marketing traffic than just scheduled posting of new content. Not only must web marketing services post high-quality, optimized content that is valuable to readers; they must also find ways to help indexers easily find this new content.

In addition to the standard practice of submitting new pages and sitemaps to search engines, a web marketing company must consider the use of methods like shallow site structure and internal page linking. By making the process easier, web crawlers can find and index new content faster!

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