The purpose of having a business website is to attract visitors and hopefully convince them to make a purchase.

Doing that requires having a site set up by SEO expert services that know how to bring in traffic and keep visitors on your pages long enough for them to get interested.

So what does it mean when you get visitors to your website but they leave right away?

Listed here are some top reasons why most SEO experts find that website visitors comes to look around but then decide not to stay.

Work with a professional SEO firm to correct these issues on your website so it makes your business website appealing to those who visit it.

1. Website Loading Speed

Slow loading pages are the top reason that SEO experts see visitors click onto a page, then bounce before exploring the website.

Visitors don’t want to wait for pages to load, especially in today’s fast-paced, mobile society.

If your pages are not loading in 2 seconds or less, you are losing potential sales to visitors who decide not to wait and instead visit one of your competitor’s websites.

2. Poor Layout or Formatting

While it is important that your website look appealing to your audience, your first focus should be on a usable layout and easy-to-read formatting.

Readability in terms of content layout, typeface and font size, whitespace, images, and responsiveness are all critical components that SEO expert services focus on to ensure that website content can be easily scanned and understood on all devices.

3. Poor Audience Research

Sometimes, even if your website is responsive and well-formatted with fast-loading pages, you may still experience a high bounceback rate if your targeting is off.

The content on your site must be relevant to your audience for visitors to come in and stay.

SEO firms do extensive research to study target audiences to learn who they are and what they want and need; then that information is used to decide what content should be on the site to fulfill those needs.

4. Not User-Friendly

These days, it’s essential that your website be easy to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

As mobile as more than half of searching audiences are today, mobile-friendly, user-friendly design is another element that SEO experts focus on to ensure a website is responsive the way it needs to be when users are searching on the go.

In addition, forms must work correctly, company contact information must be easy to find, FAQs are helpful, and content pages should be easy to understand, all of which all contribute to creating a user-friendly website that will serve your visitors.

5. No Clear Calls to Action

When there are no clear CTAs, users can become lost on your site and unable to go where they want to go or actually complete a purchase.

If you want them to convert, SEO firms stress that the directions on how to do this must be obvious to your visitors to actually get them to the last step in the process.

Bright links, catchy action directives, and obvious buttons will help.

6. Out-of-Date Design or Content

A website that has a dated, stale design and out-dated content is not going to be appealing to your visitors.

The presence of either could even cause your visitors to question the credibility of your business and wonder just how well you can be trust or if your company is even still in business.

Current design that follows trends as well as the continuous addition of fresh content builds brand recognition and trust in highly positive ways.

7. No Apparent Value to the Customer

Ultimately, SEO expert services stress that for your visitors to stay on your site long enough to find what they are looking for and then convert, they must be continuously offered valuable content that focuses on their needs and helps them solve their problems.

Focus must be on providing for the customer, not showing off the business.

The more valuable, user-friendly, and helpful your website is to your visitors, the greater the chance will be to actually convert them.

Avoiding These Common Website Problems

A great website is one of the highly important business tools you have for generating leads and making sales.

SEO firms highlight the need to welcome your visitors, not give them reasons to leave if you want maximum returns from your site!

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