Attaining a successful ecommerce website involves a number of factors. When effectively combined, they make such a site more usable. To achieve this, ecommerce marketing services must design a website with an uncomplicated site architecture supported by a simple URL structure. A well thought-out URL structure is an essential part of a good ecommerce marketing strategy.

Why Does URL Structure Matter So Much?

The core of every website is the many pages that make up the site. Although each page contains different content, they serve the two same purposes:

  1. Help users find what they are looking for.
  2. Help the spiders and bots quickly and easily crawl and index the site’s many pages.

On an ecommerce site with pages that may number into the thousands, it is easy to find yourself with a disorganized URL structure that reduces your website's effectiveness by preventing both of these two things.

Long, complicated URLs that make no logical sense to the user, fail to compliment easy navigation, and slow down web crawlers can negatively affect not just SEO but also website sales.

This is why an effective ecommerce marketing strategy must begin with the development of an uncomplicated URL structure that easily meets all of your marketing goals.

What Defines A Simple URL Structure?

According to Google, ecommerce marketing services should consider the following characteristics to develop a simple, user-friendly URL structure:

  • It is logical - the URL contains the words and phrases that logically identify the page.
  • It is short - the URL preferably contains 70 characters or less.
  • It is correctly formatted - the URL uses lowercase letters and hyphens instead of underscores or spaces.
  • It is not filtered - the URL does not use price ranges, session IDs, or other ecommerce filtering that can be better applied with navigation filters.
  • It is optimized - the URL contains targeted keywords
  • It is not dynamic - the URL does not contain parameters that can complicate it.
  • It complements navigation - the URL structure is part of a simple navigation structure that avoids many layers of subdirectories.
  • It is canonical - the URL structure utilizes canonical tags to assign importance to pages with similar URLs or those generated automatically by the CMS.

Developing A Simple URL Structure

By using the characteristics referenced above as an outline, the goal for all ecommerce marketing services should be to develop a short and concise URL structure containing only essential product information. Yet it must still be unique from all other URLs on the page.

This is no easy feat for a website that will contain hundreds or thousands of pages. As such, the most important ecommerce marketing strategy for succeeding in doing so is to simultaneously develop a navigation system that aids in the implementation of these important characteristics.

Ecommerce marketing services must understand the importance of initially developing the right URL structure and navigation system to avoid later problems. This critical detail is the basis on which every successful ecommerce marketing strategy should be built to ensure best results.

Ecommerce websites using a URL structure that fits these specifications are easier to use, improve SEO, and typically promote higher sales rates!

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