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If you're an online retailer, you want to stand out from the crowd. You need an ecommerce marketing strategy that draws attention to your business. A great way to introduce a brand to more people and increase awareness is a giveaway. Contests that include giving away a product or another prize are popular ecommerce marketing techniques used to increase brand awareness.

When run correctly by ecommerce marketing services using the following guidelines, giveaways are inexpensive, yet highly effective ways to generate a greater profit.

Choose the Type of Giveaway

There are three types of contest giveaways commonly used in ecommerce marketing, each of which works in a different way: contests, sweepstakes, and lotteries.

  1. Contests involve participants doing something to fulfill contest requirements, such as making a video or captioning a photo.
  2. Sweepstakes are contests that have no entry requirements and winners are selected randomly.
  3. Lotteries require participants to make a purchase or contribute monetarily in some way for a chance at winning. When developing an ecommerce marketing strategy, it is recommended to stay away from lotteries. They are more complicated to run and legally restricted in some states.

Choose the Hosting Platform

After deciding between a contest or sweepstakes, the company providing your ecommerce marketing services should then decide what platform to use as a host. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular contest platforms. Hosting it on your business website or via email is another option. Select one that supports the type of contest chosen and makes entry and sharing easy.

Choose the Prize

For the right participants to enter the contest, the prize being offered in any ecommerce marketing giveaway must be relevant. Choose something that is representative of your brand and its image that also targets the audience your company wants to attract.

Make sure there are plenty of details available about the prize including: photos and videos if it is a product; dates and travel information if it is a trip; and other details to make the prize seem more desirable.

Rules and Deadlines

It is essential that rules are carefully spelled out for any giveaway that is run as part of an ecommerce marketing strategy. Be sure to research state requirements on running these types of contests to ensure legality. Rules should include details such as eligibility, judging criteria, how entries are to be accepted, odds of winning, privacy laws, and how winners will be notified.

Include disclaimers stating that no purchase is necessary and a purchase will not increase odds of winning. Generate a contest timeline and publicize a clear entry deadline and date that winners will be chosen.  

Make It Accessible and Shareable

Boost success with a giveaway by making it accessible and easy to share. Contest and entry information should be available on any device to increase participation. Create a unique contest hashtag and publicize it on social media. Include social sharing links on all contest pages to legally encourage audiences to share with family and friends.

Choose the Winner

Your ecommerce marketing services must ensure winners are chosen on the published date and that all participants are notified. Winners should be notified via contact information. Non-winning participants can be notified by a public announcement on your website and social media accounts.

Contest giveaways are ecommerce marketing tools that can greatly increase brand awareness and reward your business with new customers. Giveaways are an inexpensive ecommerce marketing strategy that can generate new interest in your company and boost its profitability in a fun and easy way. By using these helpful tips, the ecommerce marketing services you have chosen to help with your marketing can run a successful contest that boosts brand exposure and sales at the same time!

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