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Facebook has become one of the best tools to help a company obtain a following that results in higher SEO conversion levels. Yet Facebook pages do not take care of themselves; they require continuous attention from social media services to stay engaged so a business can experience the benefits that social media can provide. With the right social media marketing help, including the following tips on how to increase Facebook post interaction, a company can achieve greater results from their social media efforts.

Post A Variety of Interesting and Sharable Content

Posting often on Facebook is important; however, the same thing day after day will not engage readers. Be sure to post a variety of content, including updates, videos, images, contests, articles, and more to keep it interesting. Post content that targeted users want to view and share, such as instructional posts or videos, helpful tips, posts that require participation in some form, and lots of unique, high-quality content that readers will enjoy. Content that is especially informative, funny, or thought-provoking is considered to be shareworthy and likely to get more interaction from followers and those they share with.

Encourage Engagement with A Call to Action

Facebook posts that directly ask for interaction will usually get it. Ask readers to answer a question, provide an opinion, or even upload a photo. Always end a post with some kind of call to action to start a discussion. Then be sure there is someone available to interact with a visitor.

A very important part of social media services is responding to all visitors once their interest has been attracted. Not every comment needs a reply; however, being visible in the comments lets readers know someone is there behind the scenes, interacting with them.

Video, Instant Articles, and Facebook Live

Services that offer social media marketing help should make use of the best features Facebook offers by uploading videos and using newer features like Instant Articles and Facebook Live. Instant Articles load longer article posts within the Facebook platform rather than directly users to a separate website. Live streaming with Facebook Live is a very effective way to grab viewer attention along with standard video uploads. A variety of content that can be viewed easily from the app is quite effective in increasing follow and share rates as well as overall post interaction.

Post At The Right Times

Post timing and frequency are important when seeking the most interaction. For best results, social media services should post at least once a day when most users will be around to see and interact with the post. Finding the right time could take some trial and error; however, determining the most effective time to post is essential for more interaction. If posts are not getting much interaction right now, test different times to find the right time.

Send Readers to the Posts

Another way to increase Facebook post interaction is to make people more aware there has been a post. Announce posts on other social media such as Twitter, link to the content, and embed posts on websites and blogs. The more people see a new post, the more interaction will happen, even if readers are initially directed there from another site.

By using these easy and effective ways to get more interaction with Facebook, social media marketing firms and their clients can see greater results with their social marketing efforts. When used appropriately by social media services, Facebook posting is one of the most effective ways for a company to reach out to an interested audience and interact with them!

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