Social media marketing has become a critical part of marketing success for every business.

The problem is that social media optimization and marketing is pretty time-consuming and must be well-planned to achieve your marketing goals with it.

An effective way to reach your social media goals is to start out with a good marketing strategy.

With the strategy development used by professional social media marketers, you can identify goals and learn where to focus your efforts so you can keep up with social media and gain the results necessary for positive business growth.

1. Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Although the basic premise of every social media marketing strategy is to get more sales, take time to identify the different individual goals you need to meet to actually do this.

Such goals may include any of the following:

  • Increase brand exposure, awareness, and mentions across various platforms.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Build a following and customer base.
  • Create a community around your business.
  • Provide helpful customer service and build trust.
  • Increase revenue.

2. Who Is Your Audience?

Once you know what you want your social media pages to do for your business, you must identify your preferred audience(s).

Researching and identifying target audiences for social media optimization is no different than doing so for other types of digital marketing.

Understanding who you are sharing to will help you decide on the next two critical parts of your strategy.

3. What Social Networks Will You Use?

After you have an understanding of your target market and their needs, you must determine which of the many social networking platforms where those people have accounts and frequent.

There are at least 20 top social sites to consider and countless other smaller, niche sites.

Since it’s not really feasible to include them all in your marketing plan, social media marketers recommend finding ones your target audience uses most and focusing on those.

Beyond the big, essential sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, include a few niche sites that match well with your business and audience for maximum exposure.

4. What Content Will You Share?

When you know who you are sharing to and where you’ll be sharing, you can decide what type of content to share on each of the different social pages.

Whether you are sharing links to articles and blog posts, videos, images, or posting interactive content, each of the various networks perform better in a social media marketing strategy with specific types.

You will also want to tailor your various types of content to what will attract your audience on each of the sites.

What you post on one site may be quite different from what you post on another while still focused on the same topic.

5. When and How Often Will You Share Your Content?

Scheduling is another critical detail that must be worked into your strategy for ideal social media optimization.

Once again, knowing your audience is a key factor in creating your sharing schedule as you will want to share at times when you know your audience will be most receptive to content.

Time of day, day of the week, frequency of content sharing, relation to current events and notable holidays are all considerable points for developing a sharing schedule.

Develop A Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media marketing is a critical part of every business marketing plan.

To avoid wandering aimlessly in your social media and wasting essential time and resources, social media marketers suggest creating an effective marketing strategy by simply answering these 5 basic questions.

The information you compile in doing so is the perfect guide for structuring your social media optimization and marketing campaign so you obtain a positive outcome from your efforts!

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