To get ahead with online marketing, it’s important to understand the fact that content has become everything; no longer are a few keyword-stuffed paragraphs sufficient for getting good enough SEO to rank.

Successful internet marketing requires great content presented in many ways to naturally increase website traffic.

To get the maximum amount of attention from searchers and search engines alike, every internet marketing company should publish content in a variety of ways.

There's more to great content than just standard blog posts.

1. Videos and Vlogs

The demand and preference for video content is growing every day, so adding informative videos and vlogs which are blog posts turned into videos can greatly benefit online marketing campaigns.

Videos are frequently easier and more interesting for viewers to watch and digest than text posts and can also build brand awareness and trust by giving viewers actual faces to connect with.

Videos can also be easily shared, increasing a brand’s audience and traffic to its website and channels, furthering the effect of internet marketing campaigns.

2. Infographics

Better than single graphics and charts within paragraphs of blog copy, infographics have become a favorite method for an internet marketing company to present informative content to website viewers.

Most people are visual learners, preferring colorful, stylized infographics over strictly text copy.

Infographics can be easily shared, remembered by 80% of viewers, and very effective in building brand awareness when designed to incorporate company colors, logos, and other identifying information.

As such, they are highly beneficial to any blog being promoted through online marketing.

3. Webinars

Webinars or web conferences allow a company to share knowledge with its audience in an interactive teaching or discussion session.

Webinars done using Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype, and others are becoming very popular among audiences searching for more information.

Although they don’t affect SEO directly, webinars can be important to internet marketing for the way they increase brand awareness and trust, which builds SEO in other ways.

4. How-To's, Case Studies, and Guest Posts

In addition to standard, informational blog posts, an internet marketing company can also include textual posts of different natures.

Easy, step-by-step, how-to posts are popular; they generate a good amount of traffic to boost SEO.

More detail-oriented case studies for companies that have important information to share are likewise helpful to SEO.

A guest post by a prominent name can bring in traffic from new sources.

5. Entertaining Yet Relevant Memes

Memes have become popular, share-worthy favorites of many people today; used tastefully in a marketing campaign, they can offer any business an entertaining and memorable way to get a message across.

Of course, not all text posts are bad; online marketing campaigns simply perform better when there is a variety of content on a website to draw in more traffic.

By keeping a site fresh and interesting with a variety of content, an internet marketing company can expand audiences that will boost SEO and pagerank.

At the root of all these methods, successful internet marketing still requires high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that viewers appreciate and come back for!

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