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Email is an essential component of every successful ecommerce marketing campaign. It allows you to communicate directly with your audience, bypassing the need for them to find you first on your website or social media pages.

Marketing emails can also quickly become annoying, reducing the effectiveness of your ecommerce marketing services. Write marketing emails the way ecommerce marketing companies do and make sure your brand’s message is actually read and not just moved to the trash bin.

Have A Clear Objective

The easiest way to annoy your ecommerce mailing list is by continuously sending out emails that either have no actual objective or too many. It is easy for readers to delete them when they are confused or see no point in the communication.

Instead, strategize with your ecommerce marketing services by determining individual goals for each email that will be sent throughout the email campaign. Focus on a single idea with each communication, whether that is to introduce a new product, a sale, or to remind a user of an abandoned shopping cart.

Write A Great Subject Line

The subject line is the first part of your email that readers see. To increase the chance that they will actually open the communication, it needs to have a subject line that attracts their attention.

An ecommerce marketing company will do this by creating a sense of urgency in the subject line such as a deadline or special offer, with a personalized message or breaking news. A lead-in to an interesting story or a question to create curiosity can also work. The subject must leave the reader wanting to know more so they actually open the email.

Deliver Valuable and Interesting Content

Although ecommerce marketing services do need to stick to a planned schedule to be most effective, every email you send must also deliver some value to your reader. Do not send just an email because time has passed and it is time to send something else.

Create an objective for every communication, then support that objective with interesting content such as embedded video and links to informative blog posts or benefits like free shipping or free entry into a prize contest for sharing the email.

Include A Clear CTA

Like all other ecommerce messages, marketing emails must have a clear directive on what you want your reader to do. Your CTA should also mirror the goal of your email.

Pick a good action phrase like “buy now” or “claim your reward today” and display it prominently in a single, colorful button. Avoid overwhelming the email with multiple phrases or links throughout the content; one well-placed CTA is enough.

Use Automation Where Possible

An ecommerce marketing company will also ensure good reader service and keep customers up-to-date by using automation to send autoresponder content. Drip campaigns that automatically send purchase confirmations, order shipment notifications, and even abandoned shopping cart reminders are suggested. Each of these emails has a specific goal and offers valuable content just like other forms of marketing emails.

Email is one of the easiest and least expensive components you can add to your ecommerce marketing campaigns and a vital tool used by most ecommerce marketing companies. By using these tips, anyone can write effective emails that compliment their ecommerce marketing services as opposed to annoying readers and turning them away!

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