It’s been a relatively quiet year for digital marketing in terms of Google algorithm updates and the changes that can sometimes affect digital marketing strategies.

Yet Google did announce an unexpected update on June 2nd on Twitter, the broad core search algorithm has been updated, and the update started to roll out officially as of June 3rd.

There wasn’t much warning given to digital marketing services to prepare for this, probably because Google states that it’s a minor update and one that shouldn’t affect your website’s performance much, if at all.

What Is This New Algorithm Update?

Formally called the June 2019 Core Update by Google, this minor update is more like a fine-tuning of the broad core algorithm rather than making any actual changes.

Since Google has been releasing these types of minor changes all along without any of us knowing, why is there an announcement now?

Google is responding to requests for them to be more proactive with their updates by announcing even minor ones, since there’s always a possibility, that no matter how small, even a minor change can affect someone’s digital marketing tactics.

What Does This Update Mean for Digital Marketing?

According to the gurus at Google, the June 2019 Core Update for the search algorithm should mean nothing in terms of negative effects on your SEO and if anything, it might generate a slight improvement in SEO results.

The update focuses on relevance and how that is interpreted by the algorithm.

Google claims this update was designed to allow the algorithm to make better connections and see relevance easier so it can serve more appropriate results to searchers.

Should I Do Anything About this New Update?

Google states that in most cases, you shouldn’t have to make any changes to your current digital marketing strategies; however, it’s always good to keep an eye on things whenever a change has been made.

Experts suggest that if you notice a loss of results in some areas, you probably need to improve your strategy to build better relevance so your content, keyword use, and other SEO tactics answer search queries more readily and can be related to audiences, search habits, and more.

You should be able to correct a loss of optimization very easily this way and see improvement across the board when your content and website is relevant and can be associated by the search algorithm with the right user searches.

See The Glass Half Full

On June 2, Google announced that it would begin rolling out a new broad core search algorithm update called the June 2019 Core Update the following day.

This announcement was made proactively, as a courtesy to digital marketing services let them keep an eye out for any changes in SEO that might occur.

Because the update only focuses on fine-tuning the algorithm’s ability to find relevance and serve more accurate search results, it should not negatively affect websites and may actually help your digital marketing efforts!

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