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SEO firms provide essential services to help their business-owning clients attract and earn new customers. While doing so involves a variety of SEO expert services, one of those revolves around promotional copy and influencing users.

The words that SEO consultants choose to use in their copy play a big part in promoting conversions. With this in mind, here is a list of the 10 most important trigger words that can improve your marketing success by driving users to act.

1. You

You, reader names, and other attention-grabbing openings that personally identify the viewer immediately make your content directed to the viewer. SEO firms find that “you” can make content seem more casual and friendly, while using the viewer’s name promotes a feeling that what they are reading was designed specifically for them.

2. New and Discover

The word “new" or similar words like "discover" produce a feeling of novelty that can grab the attention of audiences, making them wonder about this new thing they are about to see. New things are more interesting and appeal to people's desire to get in on something new before everyone else does.

3. Free

The word “free” is one of the most important and successful trigger words SEO consultants can use that appeal to most people's desire to find a bargain. “Free” portrays value and reduced risk and can generate enough interest to convince users to try something.

4. Act Now and Today

With response words like “act now” and timeframe words like “today,” SEO expert services can create a sense of urgency in your readers that is known to drive sales. This is especially true when urgency words are combined with bargain words. People do not want to miss out on a great price or product.

5. Proven

“Proven” is a trigger word that offers your viewers reassurance that what they are thinking about buying is worth the money. Backed by real customer testimonials, it is another term that helps SEO firms convince readers to convert.

6. Guaranteed

In addition to feeling like they are receiving “proven” items, your readers will also want to know that what they purchase is “100% guaranteed” to do what the information says it will do. A guarantee generates important confidence that can convince audiences to try a product if they know their money will be returned if not satisfied.

7. No Obligation

Customers don't like being roped into commitments to buy something else in order to try something. By using terms like “no obligation,” SEO consultants invite your audiences to buy and try something, them make a separate decision about making other purchases.

8. Easy

SEO expert services understand that most readers tend to avoid anything that becomes complicated or takes too much time. “Easy” is a great trigger word to appeal to your audience’s desire to accomplish something in the least complicated and time-consuming way possible.

9. Amazing

Amidst a sea of emails and advertising, the word “amazing” can make what you are presenting stand out from the rest. Whether you are offering an amazing product, technique, or deal, this word appeals to a reader’s desire to acquire the best and receive the most value.  

10. Instant

An “instant” offer that suggests no waiting is one that will get a lot of attention from audiences. People do not like to wait nor do they want to miss out on something. Prompting users to click right away for an “instant” benefit can drive website traffic and increase conversions.

Although these are certainly not the only trigger words that SEO firms use to develop copy that generates responses from your audiences, they are some of the most important and effective ones. SEO consultants know that all of these words and phrases psychologically appeal to customers looking for the same thing: value, quality, good price, and low risk.

Using these and other prominent action words, SEO expert services can carefully produce the best promotional copy that gets the results you want and expect!

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