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Remarketing has become an important online marketing strategy in today's world. By using remarketing services, you can achieve much more with your advertising budget and see a higher ROI as well. Until recently, this strategy was possible on Facebook, Google, and a number of other ad platforms, but not LinkedIn. LinkedIn has now added new targeting capabilities with their Matched Audiences tools which focuses in part on remarketing.

The Basics of Remarketing

Remarketing provides a way for you to track website interactions; ads can later be served back to those same viewers. This strategy generally produces a higher rate of conversion and ROI in certain markets, making it one of many widely used marketing strategies.

Matched Audiences on LinkedIn

Previously, LinkedIn’s ad platform did not offer remarketing capabilities. Due to the higher cost of advertising on this site and fewer targeting tools, many marketers were less likely to use this site for advertising. Yet Matched Audiences has changed this, giving companies who offer remarketing services more ways to effectively target desired audiences and generate better campaign results.

These new targeting tools offer website, account, and content retargeting. Collectively, they now offer a means for you to target those who have already interacted with your site and are more likely to convert.

How Remarketing on LinkedIn Works

Using website tracking cookies as well as other methods, the new Matched Audiences platform gives you the ability to collect information and reach specific audiences in three effective ways as follows:

  • Website Targeting - Website visitors can be tracked and target audience groups created to direct marketing efforts for greater lead generation and higher quality leads. Continuous re-engagement of those who show interest but have yet to convert makes conversion more likely.
  • Account Targeting - Users can be matched to lists of specific company names to create target groups consisting of decision makers and influencers. This is an essential way to let important people know your company is out there and that your product can cater to their needs.
  • Contact Targeting - As a part of remarketing services, target groups can be created by matching users to imported email lists generated from information collected from your website contacts. By targeting users in these ways, you can fine tune your approach and find the most interested users who are more likely to become conversions.

Promising Results with Matched Audiences

According to LinkedIn itself, their pilot program that ran at the end of 2016 achieved above-average results in comparison to other similar platforms. The new Matched Audiences tool has generated 30% increase in CTR with website targeting, 32% increase with account targeting, and 37% increase with contact targeting. Marketers also experienced a reduction in post-click cost-per-conversion, leading to an overall increase in ROI. Notably, this new advertising platform has also generated an increase in landing page conversions.

Based on this information, marketers now have a greater capability for effective audience targeting on LinkedIn by using remarketing. Matched Audiences allows you to utilize remarketing services previously unavailable on the site but known to work very well on other advertising platforms. By using this new remarketing tool, LinkedIn suggests that companies targeting B2B can see higher quality leads and rates of conversion as well as lower advertising costs and a greater ROI!

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