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One of the more useful ways to test different social media marketing campaigns is with the use of split testing. This technique lets social media marketing firms quickly learn whether certain ideas are working or if they need to adjust advertising techniques. Best of all, Facebook even provides an easy way for various campaigns to be tested.

By using the new split testing feature, social media marketing services can now effectively test ads for your business, allowing them to be more productive in a fraction of the time it takes for other types of campaigns.

What Is Spit Testing on Facebook?

Split or A/B testing is a technique that social media marketing firms like you can use to run two versions of the same ad campaign simultaneously to monitor each result. This technique has become very popular, as it gives your social media marketing services the fastest idea of which elements in your business campaigns are working and which ones need to be changed.

In addition, Facebook has added an optimized split testing function to their advertising platform to make it even easier for you to compare social media marketing campaigns for your company and adjust them for greater success.

What Can You Learn With Split Testing?

Split testing on Facebook is very valuable for successful social media marketing services, as it can provide answers to many important questions needed to run your ad campaigns more successfully. With split testing, you can learn which audiences have higher click through rates and which have more conversions. You can also determine which delivery options produce the most clicks and conversions and what type of placement is best for specific audiences.

This information can also show whether iPhone or Android users click and convert more, which campaigns have the best cost per conversion, and whether automatic or manual bidding produces the best cost per click.

Using the Facebook Split Testing Feature

Using the Facebook split testing feature to compare ad campaigns couldn't be easier for your social media marketing firm as shown in the tips below:

  • Create An Ad Campaign - In the Facebook Ads Manager, you will use a new advertising campaign for split testing. When this is set up, choose from one of the four objectives that can be monitored with split testing: traffic, conversions, lead generation, or app installations. The campaign must then be named and the option selected to create a split test. Now you are almost ready to test your social media marketing campaign.
  • Test Different Variables - To understand the effect of split testing, you will need to decide whether to test variables within your audience, your ad placement, or your delivery optimization. After selecting one of these three things, you must select a specific variable within the option.
  • Set Scheduling And Budget - Enter what your budget is and when you would like the split test to run, then launch the campaign. Facebook automatically assigns a 50/50 budget split; however, you can decide on weighted splits as well. Once the test is launched, all that needs to be done is monitor the test and analyze your results.

The inclusion of an optimized split testing feature in the Facebook ad platform offers social media marketing services an important tool that can improve advertising campaigns. It provides valuable information you can use to plan future social media marketing campaigns and get the best results at the lowest cost. Social media marketing firms quickly and easily adjust these ads, test the results, then continue to work with the best version of the campaign!

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