Great product images are a critical part of any ecommerce marketing website. If shoppers cannot easily see your products, they are much less likely to buy. Yet there is more to this marketing technique than simply uploading product images to your ecommerce site. Use these tips from professional ecommerce marketing services and learn how to best optimize your product images so they make the most impact on your buyers.

Know the Basics of Internet Image Optimization

To ensure your images are easily seen on your ecommerce website and in Google search, make sure they are all optimized in the following essential ways:

  • File Names - Get the most attention for your products by using descriptive, recognizable image filenames that contain important keywords. Avoid default or coded filenames that mean nothing to your visitors. This increases search effectiveness for the user while helping Google understand the image content.
  • Alt-Text - Using alt-text with your images is an essential ecommerce marketing strategy to help Google recognize your images more easily. Always fill out the alt-text for all images with short, but descriptive text that includes essential keywords and details so users and search engines are able to understand what the photo is even if the image cannot be viewed.
  • Image Compression - Image compression is important to ensure easy page loading while maintaining image quality. Ecommerce marketing services will try to find the best type of compression (.jpg, .gif, or .png) based on the desired image size and ability to be viewed on different devices. If you use thumbnail images, be sure to compress to the smallest file size possible. Avoid simply shrinking down a larger image with code. Make the uploaded image smaller to prevent page load problems.

Include the Right Images

Beyond image quality, you must also optimize the use of images on your ecommerce website so they attract the right attention and draw in your viewers:

  • Authentic Images - Always use authentic images of the actual products you are selling on your ecommerce marketing site. Using stock images or images of similar products will make viewers hesitant to buy and could affect your company’s trust level. Include multiple high-quality photos of your products and encourage customers to submit photos of products being used as well.
  • Product Views and Angles - In addition to using real imagery of your actual products, ecommerce marketing services recommend that you include enough images at the right angles. Show shoppers all sides of the product, including front, back, both sides, and other relevant angles, so they get a clear idea of exact appearance and how well it will fit their needs. Include images of color and style variations as well. Provide enough images so that customers do not have to guess at what is being offered.

While including product images on your ecommerce website is important for helping you sell products, the right images are essential. The right types of actual images that show off all angles of your products and are optimized for search and page load are critical in boosting the effectiveness of your ecommerce marketing site.

When you optimize product images using the above techniques used by professional ecommerce marketing services, you can increase the attention of web crawlers while better serving your customers, increasing the likelihood they will make a purchase!

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