Forget Just “One” Top Spot on Google – Take all Ten!

Stop Missing Out – Let Me Show You How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google.

Chris HunterHowdy! My name is Chris Hunter and I’ve been ranking websites since 1998.

Recently, I got fed up with Google and all of their Algorithm changes.

I got tired of my competitors stealing my leads – even when I was on the top rank for a search term.

Also – I’m a little greedy. I figure if I can get ranked for one spot – why the heck not all ten?

So I set out to completely dominate my local market for Web Design and SEO search terms.

It took about three to six months to do it, but I completely dominate the first page for my search terms.

The results?

I “kill it” when it comes to getting leads. I get lead after lead every day.

And the best part? I love it when people shop around.

The trick is to make each website look like a different company.

And when people shop around, I’m the only company that contacts them back.

Sneaky, but extremely effective on building trust.

So I got to thinking – what other markets and verticals could I do this with?

Short answer? All of them.

I recently started looking at the MSP industry and purchased several websites in different markets to test the waters. Some competitive, some not.

Know what? I’m killing it there too!


Yes that’s all ten spots – for “Servers Management Bakersfield”. Go look it up.

We’re also taking half of the next page. Hehe

Those sites are only a few weeks old. The more competitive keywords are coming along.

And yes – they’re all ugly right now. I plan to build them out soon. ;-)


This got me thinking, I could sell this as a service…

So, I’m offering to work with 2 MSPs to completely dominate your market. Take up all ten spots for all of the juiciest keywords.

It’s not going to be cheap – but when you’re getting lead after lead every single day and building up that recurring revenue – you’ll thank me.

So – don’t wait. I’m sending this out to all of the MSPs on my list (around 1,500) as well as running Facebook Ads.

First come – first serve.

Let’s completely dominate all ten spots on Google for your market!

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