Want to Grow Your Business Online?

Of course, you do. But you don’t have time to waste on marketing, right?

You barely have time to take care of your own business, let alone wade into the confusing world of marketing.

We get it. Most business owners, especially those in eCommerce, feel the same way.

That’s why we at Marketing Heroes offer dynamic remarketing advertising.

This remarkable advertising method allows potential customers who have viewed one of your products on your eCommerce site to see that same product popping up on page after page as they browse the Internet.

Of course, these ads whet their appetites even more for what you offer.

The more they see them, the more they want what you have to offer. Magic, right?

The image below is from a client who participated in our dynamic remarketing services.  This May 1 – December 31, 2017 compared to May 1 – December 31, 2016 when they did not have dynamic remarketing ads set up.

You’ll Get Results Like These

$495 One Time

Marketing Heroes help to grow my business consistently throughout the year. Each month they come up with new ideas and solid plans to implement them. They work on long term strategies to place your website in front of your target audience driving the results you are looking for.
Doug Carpenter

Dynamic Remarketing is absolutely necessary for ANY ecommerce store.  If you don’t have it set up, you’re missing out on people who are already interested in your product.  Thank you Marketing Heroes for getting this set up for me!

Pete Carson

I knew what dynamic remarketing was but had no clue how to set it up.  It was too complicated and time consuming for me.  Marketing Heroes got me set up and my remarketing ads going quickly, and I’ve already started seeing great results.

Caroline Pyne

If you’re wondering if you really need this service the answer is a big YES!!

Tad Padmore

*Though we can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results, what we can guarantee is that you’ll be reaching people who are already interested in your product. In fact, with our help, you can leapfrog over your competition to dominate your market niche.

We want you to be totally psyched about our Dynamic Remarketing Service. If at any time within 30 days of starting, you are not 100% satisfied, you may request a refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does dynamic remarketing work so well?

First of all, dynamic remarketing uses stunning images and videos drawn from the pages of your online catalog that serve as a powerful trigger to remind your customers of their need for that product. Studies show that videos and images in ads show a dramatic increase in conversion over text-only ads, thus increasing advertisers’ return on their investment. Secondly, dynamic marketing custom-tailor their images, videos, and messages to viewers’ preferences and online behavior. It targets customers who have spent time browsing through specific items in your catalog–especially those who have placed items in their cart–rather than those who simply spend a few seconds on your homepage or other pages. The psychology is powerful. Based on the tried-and-true advertising model: awareness, interest, desire, and action (AIDA, for short), this plan works.

The double-punch of images plus targeting draws customers back to your site to complete their purchases.

How does dynamic remarketing sift through the noise to target those who are truly interested?

Dynamic remarketing uses cookies and other tracking software to find those shoppers who have shown significant interest, such as placing the item in their cart. If they visit other sites, your ad will remind them of their unfinished business on your site. That way, you won’t waste a dime of your advertising budget on casual visitors.

How does dynamic remarketing find people who are top prospects for a sale?

With Google Analytics and social media analytics, marketing experts can learn a lot about the demographics of your visitors. Their age, gender, location, behavior—even their likes and preferences—allow dynamic remarketing professionals to target the best prospects at the best time—all factors that make your ad more likely to lead to a sale.

Why can’t I just create my own dynamic remarketing ads?

You can. It’s just that with all the time you’d have to spend to create ads of the quality a dynamic remarketing professional can, it would become a full-time job—and then some, since you’d have to spend a lot of time just getting up to speed with the technology involved. You wouldn’t have any time to spend building your business. Compared to the cost of hiring an in-house marketing expert or trying to juggle two jobs, outsourcing your dynamic remarketing advertising to an expert provider is a no-brainer. It simply will save you money, bring you huge increases in your ROI, and most importantly, allow you to run your business unimpeded by marketing challenges.

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