Although most people think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when speaking of social media platforms for marketing a business, it’s important to also remember LinkedIn.

Even though LinkedIn is a social platform made for business as opposed to friends and family, it’s a great place for you to make business connections and build your brand and business relationships.

Just like marketing to every other social media platform, getting top results from marketing to LinkedIn involves doing it the right way.

Use these 4 essential tips to ensure success with your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn!

1. Fill Out and Maintain Your Company Profile

Before you do anything else, it’s essential that you completely fill out your company’s profile page.

Business profiles that are completely filled out with information like business location, description and size as well as industry information, company logo, website link, and other critical facts receive twice the amount of attention than those that don’t.

Your company’s profile page must look professional and complete, the same as you want business directory listings and your other social media pages to look.

Fill out everything so the page is a great representation of your business and fits in with your overall presence on the Internet.

2. Build and Engage With the Right Audience

Once your company profile is ready to go, figure out your audience on LinkedIn so you can actually market to them.

Your audience will be different than who you’d be marketing to on other social networks. It may consist of colleagues, associated companies, employees, and others.

Market to the people and businesses you want to build relationships with, then engage with them actively to encourage engagement in return.

Like, comment, and share posts, follow important influencers, and connect with as many of the right people as you can.

This is the kind of networking that pays off the most on LinkedIn.

3. Stay Active Posting the Right Content

Since your audience is going to be different than who you want to connect with on other networks, your content should be as well.

Create content that your colleagues and/or employees will find useful and publish it to the LinkedIn Pulse at least monthly, more often if possible.

Post a& variety of content and make it interesting with a great title that includes a hook and relevant, high-quality images.

Circulate it to your employees and encourage likes and interaction to bring more attention to your posts.

Create an effective posting schedule, utilizing automated posting to keep things flowing.

Refeed some of your older, still relevant content to keep things moving and get more interest for your posts.

4. Market Your Business Page Both On and Off LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn connects you with a different audience than Facebook and other networks, it’s still important to market your business page beyond the platform.

Keep your company LinkedIn linked on your business webpage and all your other social media pages.

Post and tweet links to the content you post with your LinkedIn account. Include links to that content in your email campaigns, when appropriate and get as much publicity as possible for your content.

In the end, it all works to increase awareness of your brand and message, which helps to grow your company.

Social networking for businesses is about making connections and building your brand. When you market your company on LinkedIn, you can make some important connections and build advantageous relationships that will help your business grow.

Be thorough and persistent and you will see great results by marketing your brand on LinkedIn as well as the other popular social networks!

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