Not uncommonly, Google has completed the redesign of the appearance of results from mobile searches by the end of May this year, something that mobile marketing services will want to review.

There has been a slight redesign of the mobile search results page with the addition of favicons with website listings, including those in paid advertisements.

Though many people are unaware of the purpose of them, favicons in the search listings are an important part of brand identity marketing.

These two changes will affect how users see and identify brands in the search results and internet marketers must also abide by Google’s usage terms to get the benefit that a favicon can offer.

What Is A Favicon?

A favicon which is a shortened version of favorite icon is the little image that appears to the left of a listing on a mobile search results page.

These icons can be assigned by a company so their logo or specific icon gets used in the SERPs and appear to help users identify familiar brands more quickly and easily in the SERPs.

Custom favicons only apply to organic search results, as Google displays a specific bold, black icon that reads “Ad” next to listings that are paid advertising.

The black Ad icon has replaced the green outlined version as well as the yellow knock-out icon previous used.

The questions being asked within the marketing community is whether this most recent change has made it harder to distinguish whether a listing is organic or a paid advertising listing.

If you don’t have a custom favicon assigned, Google will simply put in a generic tiny world globe icon.

What Changes Has Google Made to Its Favicon Policy?

Favicons in the mobile SERPs is a fairly new thing for mobile marketing services to use, so it’s no surprise that Google has not yet worked all the kinks out of this new search element.

Almost as soon as it went live, many webmasters began taking advantage of the favicon by uploading questionable icons and links, which has certainly gotten Google’s attention.

So now there is a tighter favicon policy that must be followed to be certain that your icon is used without being flagged or penalized and reset to the default globe icon.

Is There A Benefit From A Favicon In Your Listing?

The benefit of uploading a favicon that fits Google’s policies is a boost to your brand identity marketing efforts, as your favicon will make your listing recognizable on the mobile search results page.

A unique icon that stands out on the page builds your brand’s identity and also helps users notice your specific link in the search results listing.

Uploading a unique icon that appropriately represents your brand is a simple way to improve your visibility to potential customers.

Add A Favicon - Get Recognized!

Google’s new implementation of the favicon as part of their recent mobile page redesign can be a helpful way to get more from your internet marketing efforts.

This little brand-specific icon can help your company stand out from the rest and be recognizable in the SERPs.

Just be sure to follow Google’s size and content specifics and avoid continuous changes so you don't get penalized with a generic favicon that makes your listing blend with all the others!

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