The goal of all online marketing is to have your business appear at the top of search results so customers looking for you can actually find you.

Getting good pagerank has always involved careful development of local online marketing strategies that will work specifically for your business; however, there are times when such strategies do not produce the results required to make your business noticeable to local audiences.

Enter the new Google Guarantee, a program designed to help online marketing services rank their clients at the top of the local search results pages so they are seen by an audience most likely to need their services and call them.

Signing up for the program ensures your company’s name will make its best impression in the SERPs and attract more customers.

What is the Google Guaranteed Program?

The Google Guaranteed Program serves two important purposes: it helps the user and helps local businesses with their online marketing.

  1. Helps users find reputable, trustworthy services within their local area by searching with Google. The program does not accept every business and companies must essentially qualify to take part and be recognized. User benefit? Google backs these companies and will take responsibility for unsatisfied claims.
  2. It allows reputable local businesses get more from their online marketing strategies by recognizing them as recommended services and displaying their listings with a Guaranteed badge at the top of the SERPs page. As a Google Guaranteed local business, a local company has coverage against claims from dissatisfied customers.Online marketing services find that the badge helps generate more interest for a company and gets them more calls.

How Does the Program Improve Online Marketing Strategies?

The Google Guaranteed Program works alongside other search advertising on Google, helping companies get good results from their online marketing dollar.

Essentially, by highlighting local businesses within a specific search area and displaying the green Google Guaranteed badge in the listing, viewers are more likely to trust that business and become a customer.

This creates a higher ROI than just Google Ads alone, mainly due to the guarantee implied by the trust badge.

How Can Businesses Join the Google Guaranteed Program?

The Google Guaranteed Program is not an automatic, SEO-related spot in the SERPs that online marketing services can secure using great marketing strategies.

In actuality, it is an approval-based program that is an online marketing strategy of its own.

To participate in the Google Guaranteed Program, your business must:

  • Advertise with Google Local Services Ads and maintain a paid account in good standing.
  • Provide proof of business licensing and insurance.
  • Undergo business screenings and employee background checks performed by an independent organization used by Google to confirm trustworthiness and a satisfactory customer service track record.
  • Continually update the above detail to maintain participation in the program.

The Help of Google’s Seal of Approval for Local Businesses

Local service businesses face intense competition even when working with highly experienced online marketing services.

One way to get a foot up on your competition is by making the Google Guaranteed Program a part of your online marketing strategy.

When your business shows up in the SERPs as being Google Guaranteed, you can stretch your online marketing dollar further than it would otherwise.

Google’s trust and guarantee to customers is a great way to make more of of these visitors your customers!

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