How Can I Work SEO And Content Together To Convert?

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Search engine algorithms continue to change, which means SEO also changes. In the past, the main goal of SEO services was to drive more traffic to a website. Well, that is now just the tip of the iceberg. Today, more traffic does not necessarily mean more conversions, which is the ultimate goal of any company. To get these conversions, you need the kind of SEO help that aligns optimization and content so they work together to bring in higher quality traffic that is more likely to convert.

What Are Considered Conversions?

Conversions may involve a person making a purchase, someone downloading a file, or a reader signing up for a newsletter. This is the main purpose of a business website. Yet you cannot expect everyone to convert simply because they landed on your page.

Your marketing efforts must attract users who are most interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to convert. This begins with SEO and proper optimization to attract the right audiences and continues on long after someone finds your page in the SERPs.

Conversions are built on a combination of effective SEO services and useful, optimized content that gives users the details they want and need to make an informed decision.

Critical Connection Between SEO and Content

Content marketing has become just as important as search engine marketing in generating conversions. So it is essential to get SEO help from a company that understands how to properly optimize for both. Although content and search engine optimization are two different things, they work together collectively to increase your conversion rate.

While each does a separate job in attracting and retaining users on your site, both contribute to each other’s jobs as well. SEO brings in interested traffic, while content and website function keeps a user's interest by providing them with value. When properly optimized, both support each other in attracting visitors who will find your content relevant and useful; these are the visitors most interested in converting.

The Journey From Search to Conversion

Getting users from the search stage of their quest to the conversion stage is a three-step process that requires great SEO services and effective content marketing:

  1. Attract interested audiences by making them aware of your brand. Users need to be provided with valuable content, a user-friendly website, and some type of resource that can solve their problem. Visitors should know what your brand and product, even if they are not ready to convert at this stage.
  2. SEO help will now focus on content optimization and making your site searchable based on the questions your targeted users are likely to ask and the solutions they need. The goal in bringing users to your site at this stage is to give them information about what you have to offer and how it can solve their problems. Educational information, statistics, testimonials, and other optimized content are all important at this stage.
  3. The last stage in this process is when content prompts users to make the decision to convert. Giving the user good useful content will end their journey, hopefully with a conversion.

The point that experienced SEO services want to stress is that optimization is essential every step of the way to ensure that users find your website, know who you are, and find value in your content that convinces them to convert. Neither content marketing or SEO can do this individually; they are dependent on each other.

When properly aligned, companies that offer SEO help find that search engine and content marketing together bring in the targeted traffic most likely to find your content valuable - and are most likely to convert!

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