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Facebook is the largest and most active social media website available today. Because of its popularity and successful advertising platform, it has become an essential part of most social media marketing campaigns.

Yet as successful as Facebook is, you may want a little social media marketing help so you can see great results with your ads. By following the simple tips used below from professional social media marketing consulting firms, you will be able to see just how easy it can be to profit from Facebook ads.

Choose An Advertising Objective

When you open Facebook’s ad manager, the first thing you must do is choose the objectives of your ad in order to target it appropriately. There are 11 different choices available for use in order to develop a variety of marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing consulting services recommend starting small by choosing traffic which should help you achieve the most results with a smaller initial investment.

Target To Your Audience

Facebook gives you many options for targeting social media marketing ads. Yet to get the most results with these ads, companies who offer social media marketing help  suggest you target a more narrow audience. This could be a certain location, age group, user interests, or even users who have interacted with a business competitor.

Although Facebook may automatically suggest targeting a wider audience, you will get better results targeting narrowly with multiple campaigns.  

Choose Your Ad Placements

You have the option to let Facebook automatically place your ad or to edit placement and tell the program where to place it. Start by choosing to place your ads only on Facebook (save Instagram for another time), and only in the News Feed at first. If you have reason to advertise on mobile as well as desktop, choose to display on all devices.

Set A Budget

When you must start out with a smaller budget, social media marketing consulting services suggest that you keep your daily budget small as well. Determine how much you want to spend each month and divide this by the number of days in the month so you do not go over your budgeted amount.

Next, bid for ad delivery. Start higher than you normally would to get a good amount of exposure and a few initial clicks. As you start seeing results, you can reduce your bid amount.

Design A Great Ad

Creating a great social media marketing ad is a critical part of achieving the best results with Facebook advertising. Choose from the multiple ad formats available, insert high-quality images and video as desired, and create ad copy that will attract users and prompt a response.

Use headlines, text that supports the headline, questions to raise interest, obvious calls to action, social proof, and a good news feed link description. Also use the Learn More button to send users to an external link with additional relevant information.

Monitor Your Results

Once you launch your ad, it is essential to monitor your results and figure out what your ROI is based on your sales. At this point, services who offer social media marketing help suggest you review your campaign and modify it as necessary. Compare your results each time and you will start to figure out what will work best for your company.

Today, almost anyone can achieve success with a social media marketing campaign on Facebook if set it up correctly. Social media marketing consulting services suggest the best way to get good results is to start out small and set your campaign up using the  parameters discussed above. Carefully fine-tuning smaller campaigns will give you the social media marketing help you need to determine how to get good results with larger campaigns!

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