The Local 3-Pack in the Google search results page is a somewhat newer web marketing feature that showed up only a few years ago and is one that any business seeking customers in their local market should definitely pursue.

Ranking within the local pack can boost sales considerably by making a business more visible to local audiences.

According to marketing consultants who help client with local SEO advertising, getting into the 3-Pack does require some work, yet it’s one more coveted spot in the SERPs that businesses must compete for to occupy those prime spaces.

What Is Google’s Local 3-Pack?

Google’s Local 3-Pack is the search page results box containing a map and at least three local business listings that is now appearing on close to half of all local search listings when users make a query.

The map pinpoints three local businesses that answer the searcher’s query and provide details like NAP, a website link, review star rating, a link for directions from the search location, and more.

It has become a popular spot on the SERPs because it easily directs customers to the featured businesses, which in turn increases their exposure and improves sales.

How Can I Get My Business Ranked in the Local Pack?

As with most other SERP page features, getting a business listed in the Local 3-Pack is a matter of using effective digital marketing techniques and being well optimized for local search.

The algorithm wants to find businesses that most accurately fits what a local searched wanted within their local area.

You can gain Google’s attention so your business has a chance of being listed in the Local 3-Pack using these effective web marketing and optimization strategies:

  • Claim Your Google My Business Listing - Claim your My Business listing, fill it out completely, and categorize it properly so your business shows up as active in the directory where users are searching.
  • Claim or Add Your Google Maps Listing - Search on Google Maps for the business and claim an unclaimed listing or add your business into the map.
  • Include Phone Number and Photos - Include a linked phone number in your My Business listing and the Map listing; add to the Maps listing some photos of the business to generate attention in the SERPs.
  • Optimize All Business Listings - Using Schema Markup, standardize all business listings so they contain the exact same NAP, website link, business hours, and other details so there is no confusion across listings and the algorithm will readily recognize them all as belonging to the same business.
  • Optimize Website Content for Local Search - Add local keywords, links, and a map to your website to optimize for local search and improve overall optimization on the whole site.
  • Track the Local 3-Pack - Using rank or keyword tracking tools, monitor the ranking keywords shown in the listings in the Local 3-Pack and adjust as necessary.
  • Use Paid Advertising - Buy a paid spot in the Local 3-Pack to get started if you still can’t rank organically.

Focus on Effective Local Optimization to Claim A Spot

Digital marketing services catering to local businesses must find every way possible to highlight their companies and win the war of the SERPs against the local competition.

One way to do that is by capturing a spot in the Local 3-Pack map listing on Google.

Using comprehensive local optimization techniques and careful monitoring, your business could grab one of those spots and be a highlighted business within that special results listing!

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