What Is Content Curation?

If you’ve never heard of content curation, it is:

  • Part of an effective marketing strategy.
  • Sharing valuable topical information from the internet on your social networks.
  • Not having to create valuable content on your own!

Why Should I Curate Content for My Website?

Content curation makes the job of managing your company’s social media and growing your brand easier:

  • No need to create curated content – just collect it from the Web.
  • Present other opinions on your specific topic that support your message.
  • Be viewed by your readers as an expert or thought leader in your field.
  • Let your readers see content that focuses on their needs.
  • Grow your company’s email list.
  • Find more networking opportunities by publishing more and varied content.

Where Will I Find Content to Curate?

Content curation is a method of searching online for and collecting previously published content. You can find the content you need in several places:

  • Online magazines
  • Email Newsletters
  • Favorite Relevant Websites
  • Trustworthy News Sources
  • Business and Topical Blogs

How Do I Know What Content To Curate and Share?

The best content for you to curate serves some purpose for growing your following and reputation, which in turn can grow your business. To attract readers, gain audience trust, and be viewed as an expert in your field, curate content that is:

  • Relevant to your industry, your brand, and your audience.
  • From a trusted source.
  • Contains correct information that supports your message.
  • What your readers want and need to solve their problems.
  • Sensibly categorized and organized to share to your readers.
  • Shared just how your readers want to read it.

Now that you know why you need to curate content and that you can use SiteSuperCharger to do it, how do you actually do it?

It couldn’t be simpler!

How To Curate Content With The SiteSuperCharger 5MS2M

Step 1. Log into your SiteSuperCharger account – go to the Uber Posts drop-down, click on Posts.

Step 2. Under the Post Queue, click on the tab 5MS2M Digest.

Step 3. Review your list of articles and accept or reject them for publishing.

Step 4. Your chosen articles will show up on the news feed of your social media pages.

That’s all there is to it!

What Are Some Content Curation Best Practices?

To get the most from the SiteSuperCharger 5MS2M and see great results from your content curation, consider these important ideas:

  • View and manage your curation settings before you get started.
  • Keep your publication queue loaded with at least 60 approved articles to cover days when there is less content to curate.
  • Find the daily email in your curation queue and how many articles are on it.
  • Review your curated feed daily to avoid getting behind with your content.
  • Post a balance of “evergreen” content with fresh, timely content to keep your feed interesting and relevant.
  • Review and manage article titles and decide whether to:

a. Add the title to your queue for future posting.
b. Post it today.
c. Not use the title at all (Do Not Apply)