In my last post, I outlined how we get at least 6 Leads per Day for one of our clients and in that post I briefly talked about Facebook Video. In this article, I’m going to go further in depth of how to really make Facebook and Video not only get you more sales – but double them.

That’s a bold statement right? I mean how can videos combined with Facebook ads double your sales? Let’s find out!

The problem that we identified in our last post is that most small businesses and law firms don’t quite understand how to drive leads (and thereby sales) to their company. We also identified that Marketing Heroes uses an evergreen marketing system called the 4R Marketing System that includes Reputation, Reach, Resell, & Referral.


Video fits mainly into Reach, but can also be used for Reputation, Resell and Referral if done right.

In this post, I’m going to focus mainly on Reach and how to get really cheap clicks to your website using video and Facebook Ads.

We first stumbled across this when a couple of years ago one of our clients, a divorce lawyer, asked if he shot some videos if we would help market them. We of said heck yeah!

So we put our heads together and learned what we could do in order to market these videos. At the time, videos were pretty much brand new to Facebook Ads.

So here’s what we did:

Step 1 – Video Creation

Our client did a batch of videos and shared them with us via Facebook. He created each video based on one subject and kept the videos under 2-3 minutes. So one of his videos was about DNA Testing for Paternity and was a little over one minute.

Step 2 – Create a transcript of the video for a blog post

This step is essential for SEO, so we had a transcript made by one of our writers for a blog post that we could link to our landing pages within the text (remember Google really likes text).

Step 3 – Upload the video to YouTube and optimize it for keywords

We want to squeeze every bit of SEO that we can out of this video, so we make sure we optimize the videos that we upload. We add the keywords we want to rank for in the Title and sprinkled in the description. Also we ensure that the video file itself is has the keywords in the name before we even upload it to YouTube. And last, make sure you add a link in the description to the landing page that this video will go onto.

Step 4 – Create a blog post on your website with the transcript and embed the video in it.

In this step, we want to ensure that we have a blog post with the video and transcript in it. This is so we can leverage this video as much as possible. We also want to make sure we have strong call to actions (i.e. Call (xxx)xxx-xxxx for help with a Divorce Today!). Also make sure you create some links to your keyword rich landing pages so you get some link juice from this post.

Step 5 – Share the video on Facebook with some teaser text that links to the blog post.

This step is critical as we want to share the video as a post on Facebook and then boost it. However in the description, we also want to add a link to that blog post that we’ve posted. This way, after people watch it, we want them to learn more at the website.

Step 6 – Boost the post with a $50 ad budget that targets who you want to target.

I say $50 as it’s a good ballpark starting figure. We might add more later, but using this video strategy, we should be getting clicks no more than $.05 – $.10 which of course is about 5-10% of what we typically pay for text based ads ($1.00-$1.50 typically). So the $50 budget should last about a week.

Now let’s talk about targeting. I like to target no more than 2,000 people. So make sure you narrow your target audience down to that. With this case study, we’re targeting people who could possibly be looking into a divorce. So we like to target people that look like their current followers – called look alike audiences. Facebook will do its magic to find people that like the same things, buy the same things, and visit the same sites.

Step 7 – Wash, Rinse and Repeat

Because the effectiveness of ads wear off after time, we need to feed more videos into the system periodically. This is why we had the attorney above do a batch of videos, so we could work on them in a sequential method. As soon as we noticed clicks going downward (typically after a week or two), then we just simply put another video up there.

The other thing we like to do is test with different audiences. Some law firms and small businesses that we work with have different locations, so we can target those areas as tests.

Side note – one of my mottos that I tell my clients and employees is “Test, Don’t Guess” I like to test everything that we can.


Ok so I’m sure you scrolled right down here to see what the results of all of this work was.

Result 1 – Higher Rankings

This was the first result that we were trying to achieve as the base of everything we do at Marketing Heroes is SEO. Because Google really likes videos (they own YouTube for a reason), they tend to give a little more weight to highly optimized videos.

However, the other side benefit is that since we added these videos all over the website, visitors tended to stay longer on the blog posts and landing pages. This resulted in lower “Bounce Rates” which is really good. The longer we get someone to stay on a page and possibly get them to click over to another page, the better.

Google sees all of this and tends to give higher weight to websites that convert well.

Result 2 – Cheap Clicks

A few years ago, we weren’t really working with videos on Facebook, but because of this case study we’ve been recommending video more and more to clients. Like I stated above, normal click costs for Facebook Ads are $1.00 – $1.50. Yet we noticed really quick that we were getting clicks to the website for $.03-$.05 which was truly amazing!

Remember, the companies that can out market their competitors win. If you can find something that costs a tenth of normal channels and it works to get quality leads into your business, you just found a competitive advantage. That’s what we found using this strategy – which brings me to the next – how many calls did they get?

Result 3 – Calls, calls and more calls!

The first video resulted in 20+ calls – in the first couple of days. Now before this, this law firm was receiving a few calls per day. However, because this lawyer took the initiative to do what his competitors weren’t doing and use video for marketing, he was able to use a tenth of his normal budget to get leads in.

This of course dropped off a bit, but as I stated in my last post – they consistently get an average of 6 calls per day.

Summary – You Should Be Using Video!!

So after another 1,300 word post that should probably have been 500 (hah!) you made it to the bottom of this post! You Rock!!

Since we now recommend that every business use video as part of their marketing strategy, what will you do? Again – if you can find something that works extremely well to get leads into your business, my not do it? Video can be a little scary to do and will most definitely put you out of your comfort zone, however if it can easily double your business, why not do it?

Bonus – Remarketing Video Ads

Ok so I LOVE to give way more than my clients expect, both in our services as well as my writing. With that in mind, I’m going to give you another tip. If you’ve done all of the above, you really need to have Remarketing Ads going.

And not only remarketing, but I would build a remarketing funnel where you send people to the next video in the series. So if you’re wanting to target potential divorcees – why not build a series of videos outlining the ins and outs of getting a divorce?

Then once people visit one video on your site, using remarketing, you can put them into a target audience to get the next video in the series.

Not sure what remarketing is? Maybe I’ll do an entire post on that on how to use remarketing and videos to build a drip system to guide people into your sales funnel. Sound good?

Let me know if you have any questions on any of this in the comments below!