Putting up a company website is a huge moment in every business owner’s life.

Now that you’re online, your customers should come, right?

Why aren't your webpages showing up on the first page of the Google search results?

It probably has to do with poor SEO or search engine optimization.

Without certain ranking signals that build SEO for your pages, nobody will even know your website is there - and SEO techniques are not something that can be learned overnight.

If your website doesn’t show up in the SERPs, chances are it has one or more common SEO problems.

The best way for business owners to remedy these issues is outsourcing to SEO specialists who will make sure your entire website gets the attention it deserves.

1. Wrong Keywords

Keywords have and will always be a prime ranking signal for websites.

If you are not doing good keyword research and then designing your webpages with effective keywords based on the content they contain, you’re missing out on searchers who might be looking for you with other search terms.

Determining the best keywords to use and monitoring trends is challenging, yet essential for good SEO.

2. Poor Audience Targeting

Once you’ve found the right keywords, targeting those audiences that most closely relate to them is the next challenge.

Unless you are making the pages easier for your specific audience to find, they may never see your website. You need to learn about your audience and appeal to them.

3. Poor Website URL Structure

The URL structure of your website can help or obstruct bots that continuously crawl your pages to keep them indexed and able to be found.

A simple, optimized, and uniform URL structure and site navigation without excessive category levels is essential to make crawling easier.

4. Low-Quality Content

The quality of your content definitely affects your SEO results.

Your audience wants high-quality content that is worth reading and offers them value. Google wants high-quality content that serves your viewers.

When you can do both by providing good content, you achieve better SEO.

5. No Defined Website Marketing Goals

For your business website to actually attract both the customers and sales you need, you must have clearly defined marketing goals.

Whether you’re looking to build an email list, improve organic search results, or target specific customers for direct sales, all of this should be outlined and approached with specific marketing ideas.

6. Poor Use of Social Media and Link Building

Social media and link building are two main methods of building a target audience, increasing authority, and generating leads.

If you ignore either of these, increasing website traffic and generating good SEO results will be much harder than it has to be.

7. Not Using Marketing Tools

Getting good SEO results so your pages are searchable is a non-exact science.

So it’s essential that you use marketing tools to measure and monitor website analytics and make changes to your campaigns based on those current results.

Success requires looking for the problems that are preventing your webpages from ranking and continually modifying them until your results improve.

It’s impossible to do this while flying blind without the benefit of digital marketing tools.

If this sounds foreign to you, that alone is a good indication that outsourcing to an SEO agency is a good idea for your business.

The fact remains that without SEO, your website is just more webpages in an endless sea of competitors trying to get to your customers before you do.

When you partner with experienced specialists by outsourcing the SEO work needed to make your website searchable, the investment will pay for itself in new customers and increased sales!

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