Blog posting has changed dramatically in the past few years as the focus on content marketing and the creation of quality content has intensified.

Now it’s not how much you post but what you post and how well it serves your audience and Google.

That said, what should you do with all those old blog posts on your website, many of which contain outdated information or may just be plain old poor quality?

Content marketing services recommend that you take an inventory of older posts and then make a choice to either improve them so they actually provide value or toss them.

Why Do Old Blog Posts Even Matter?

Although they might be gone from the front pages of your website, old blog postings are far from forgotten from Google’s search engines or readers for that matter.

Based on the way that Google’s quality requirements have continuously increased over the years, there is a good possibility those older posts don’t measure up.

Whether they contain outdated information, are stuffed with keywords, or simply written in a format that does nothing to serve your readers or SEO, they could be working against your content marketing efforts and dragging your SEO down.

Assess All Older Blog Posts - Keep or Toss

The best way for content marketing services to deal with these potentially problematic posts is to make an inventory of old content to determine whether it should stay on the blog with improvements or be removed altogether.

Generate a chronological list of blog URLs using any website analytics tool like Google Webmasters Tools and start investigating.

What are you looking for in all your blogs?

  • Poor quality or not being optimized to current standards.
  • Out-of-date information.
  • No longer relevant.
  • Provide no value to the reader.
  • Duplicate content or other problematic posts.

Once these postings have been identified, content marketing services recommend that you then make a choice to update, correct, add value, keep as is, or remove that blog and use a 301 redirect to another relevant existing page.

Avoid homepage redirects as too many going there can cause website problems according to the experts.

Improve Older Blogs That Get to Stay

The blog postings that stay should be gone over with a fine-toothed comb and improved so they can become useful again:

  • Edit to improve grammar, formatting, and optimization so it has the same quality as all newer content.
  • Update to reflect current information to further increase the value and quality of older posts.
  • Re-circulate updated, improved posts so they are seen by more people, generate more comments and shares, and let recycled posts start pulling their weight.

Periodically Inventory and Improve Posts

A blog is an essential tool for successful content marketing as long as it contains high-quality, relevant information.

To maintain top-level performance, blog posting services recommend doing a periodic inventory and assessment of old content to increase overall blog quality.

Content marketing services can improve, recycle, and recirculate older posts so they work harder each time which will help your blog work the way it should within your marketing plan!

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