Earning a top spot in the SERPs involves two things: great SEO techniques and great content marketing that starts with knowing how to create valuable content.

A practical way that content marketing companies can do this is by tailoring blog posts and other website content to answer user questions.

Google’s search algorithm is now geared toward user-friendliness and answering search queries made in the form of questions.

Content marketing services can have search engine success by predicting which questions a user is likely to ask and formatting content to provide the answers they seek.

What Questions Do Searchers Ask?

To create exceedingly valuable information that serves the searcher and satisfies Google’s algorithm by being user-friendly, content marketing companies need to think like the user to understand what questions they are likely to ask.

While there are countless ways that users can phrase a question, the more common and basic questions that users enter in search that content marketers need to know about are:

  • How-To - Searching to find out how to do something.
  • Who or Where - Searching for a name or place.
  • Branded - Looking for a certain name or product by a brand.
  • Product Research - Researching products to buy either online or at a box store.

How Do You Research Questions?

Beyond the basic inquiries typically asked by users, content marketing services also research other more detailed or niche types of questions related to their brand, product, topic, or keywords.

The more thorough the understanding of the user and how they might search for something, the easier it is for content creators to anticipate such questions and provide an answer within the website content.

Useful places where content marketers can get an idea of the questions people ask are:

  • The “People Also Ask” Box - Beneath the featured snippet box in the SERPs Google provides a list of similar questions that users commonly ask when searching for the same thing. This is a great place to see how those questions are being phrased and gain valuable insight into the minds of those searching.
  • Google Suggest - Use Google autocomplete to get an idea of the more popular way in which users ask questions about specific things or ideas.
  • Other Websites - Websites like Quora, Reddit, and even Twitter are a gold mine of user questions on just about any topic or niche. By monitoring such inquiries including those discussing competitor brands, content marketing companies can gain insight into what people are talking about and how they ask their questions.
  • Keyword and Question Tools - SERP search tools that can extract common keywords and query phrases as they are asked in relation to specific keywords and topics.

Think Like Your Audience!

Google search is all about helping people find answers to the many questions they have every day.

Successful content marketing should address this by anticipating the questions a target audience is likely to ask and providing content formatted to do that.

By thinking like the user as well as researching what questions people ask and how they ask them, content marketing services can create compelling user-friendly information that gives value to the user and ultimately works to generate SEO!

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