Conversion rate is an important success factor for ecommerce websites. 

Today, most ecommerce marketing sites convert at about 3%. This may seem good to  you at first; however, with the right ecommerce marketing strategy, you can bring in more conversions. 

Increase your conversion rate with these simple, yet effective Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO tips that will help you keep customer interest all the way through the checkout process.

1. Include the Right Media In Product Descriptions

Most shoppers are very choosy about how they spend their money.

When you provide multiple clear, professional photos of your products on your ecommerce website and demonstration videos wherever possible, you can show buyers exactly what they will be getting.

By removing the question of what should be expected, viewers are more likely to become buyers.

2. Use Clear CTAs

Clear CTAs are critical for guiding shoppers around your site and most importantly, showing them where to make a purchase.

Prominent CTAs labeling categories, sale items, and how to add an item to the shopping cart are essential factors in an effective ecommerce marketing strategy.

They help shoppers find what they want more easily without getting frustrated.

3. Highlight Sale Items

Customers love a bargain.

They are even more likely to spend money on other items if they perceive they are getting a good deal.

Your ecommerce marketing site should boldly display sales and special discounts to shoppers to grab their attention.

4. Include Customer Product Reviews

Along with great photos and videos, another important element that can help sell more products is customer reviews.

Allow buyers to leave reviews on your ecommerce site and seek then out from past purchasers.

Shoppers trust the testimony of real customers who have already purchased the products they are considering.

5. Offer Online Chat Support

One of the best ways to answer shopper questions and increase the chance that they will actually buy something is with online chat support.

It gives shoppers an easy way to get immediate answers without the risk of them leaving your ecommerce marketing site unsure about a purchase.

6. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Try to accommodate as many payment options as possible.

This is a key ecommerce marketing strategy that allows you to satisfy the greatest number of shoppers; it allows them to buy a product using their preferred method.

Beyond accepting the most used credit cards, offer popular alternative payment options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and others.

7. Have An Easy Checkout Process

If you have succeeded in getting shoppers all the way to the checkout page, ensure they complete their purchases with an easy checkout process.

Research indicates that nearly 30% of shoppers abandon carts due to a complicated checkout process.

You can rescue these carts by using a smooth, easy process and offering multiple payment options.

As simple as these tips may seem, too many ecommerce websites lose buyers by failing to acknowledge them.

The best on-site ecommerce marketing strategy should show shoppers what they want to see, what you want them to see, and then help them make an easy purchase.

With these helpful CRO tips, you can increase ecommerce marketing website conversions practically overnight!

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