Studies show that 90% of customers view live chat on e-commerce websites as helpful.

Customers are more likely to return and more likely to become a repeat customer.

But here’s the best part – implementing live chat on your e-commerce site could increase your conversions by 45%!

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Live Chat Setup

34% Increase in Your Customer Satisfaction Rate*

2.4X Boost to Cross-Sell and Upsell Revenue*

Want More Proof?

The image above is of Analytics before and after implementing a live chat feature on a client’s site.

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I’ve seen an increase in sales and phone calls since implementing a live chat feature on my website!

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Dianna Jefferson

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How Can Live Chat Boost Conversions?

The primary appeal of live chat for your customers is convenience. Having a handy yet unobtrusive chat box window well-placed on your landing pages gives site visitors easy, real-time access to help.

Live chat eliminates the barrier to purchase that customers face when they have questions or need guidance before making a purchase decision. Let’s face it – no one wants to dial your 800-number and be forced to wait on hold after navigating your numeric call options.

But with live chat, customers get a faster response. And, they can easily multi-task (browse Facebook, check their email, or read a NYT article online) if they do have to wait a couple of minutes for a chat response.

Live chat breaks down the barrier of inconvenience – clicking a box on a computer screen and typing a question is light years ahead of calling your customer service number or waiting days for an email response.

Easier, faster communication = happier, better-informed customers = more sales.

With a chat box, your website visitors are also more likely to receive that gentle sales nudge that gets them to make a purchase. Or even better, to buy an additional item. Live chat is the ultimate cross-seller and upseller.

Once your sales representative has engaged with a customer and has understood what they need, it’s possible to offer personalized recommendations that would directly appeal to the individual customer.

Live chat leaves customers better satisfied than phone or email. It reduces the rate of customer contact abandonment. And, it even reduces your customer care costs.

It’s all about offering a seamless user experience. This isn’t just what online customers prefer – it’s what they expect. The increase in live chat implementation among businesses every year has been exponential since 2009!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does live chat work?

When you implement live chat, your sales team can communicate with your website visitors in real-time via instant messaging.

What are the benefits?

There are numerous advantages to having a live chat feature, including better customer experience and increased sales – while also getting more impact out of every dollar you spend on customer service. Another benefit is transparency – all your chat logs can be recorded and saved.

Is live chat 24/7?

Live chat allows you to offer your customers 24/7 support – something more than half of customers expect from online businesses today.

What about live chat customer data?

Glad you asked. With live chat, you’ll gain valuable insights from live chat user data, such as user location, referring links, number of visits and number of chats.

Are you ready to boost your website’s conversions big time? Contact Marketing Heroes today and start enjoying the benefits of live chat on your site!