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Like it or not, social media marketing has become an essential part of online business marketing over the past few years. What began as a way for people to stay connected with family and friends has evolved into much more; it has become a tool that can actually make or break a company’s online marketing efforts. So it is important that social media services understand the many positives that social media offers to businesses as well as the negatives that marketers need to monitor.

The Upside of Business Social Media

Social media is a permanent part of life today, one that smart marketers can really take advantage of if they use it correctly. Considering these many benefits, it is no wonder why social media services have become such an important part of current online marketing efforts.

  • Affordable - Among all types of available online advertising, using social accounts is often the least expensive option that delivers the most results. It is easy to set up, target for specific audiences, as well as modify and experiment with to more effectively tailor marketing campaigns.
  • Wider Exposure - Using different outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest, businesses can gain more exposure in front of the right audiences than ever before. By reaching out to target audiences and followers where they congregate, businesses see great results with this type of online presence.
  • Builds Authority and Brand Loyalty - Through regular posting of content and interaction with followers, companies can build positive reputations and authority among their audiences. This contributes to brand loyalty, which increases conversions. 
  • Produces Greater ROI - Considering its affordability, flexibility, and audience size, social media services generally see more conversions through their marketing efforts. This equates to a greater ROI for every dollar spent on social media marketing.

The Downside of Social Media for Business

Unfortunately, there are definitely a few disadvantages that come with the advantages mentioned above. Those working on social marketing campaigns must be prepared to deal with these concerns in order to get the most effort from business social media:

  • Time Intensive - Creating and maintaining social profiles and advertising requires constant attention. With content creation, its posting, interaction with followers, and the development of effective advertising campaigns, social media marketing requires a large time investment. The results frequently make it worth the effort.
  • ROI Is Harder to Track - Even though ROI is usually greater than most other types of marketing campaigns, it can be harder to track and monitor. Thankfully, Facebook and some of the other more prominent sites have begun improving their advertising platforms to provide SEMs easier ways to track campaign results.
  • Brand Image Can Be Damaged - Another serious disadvantage that social media services must know about is that content is constantly being seen by huge audiences. Any wrong move, such as a bad review by an unhappy customer, bad content, or other mistakes can quickly and dramatically affect a brand’s image. As quickly as things go viral today, with social media as the main vehicle used to promote them, businesses must be very careful about how they interact on social accounts.

The good news is that social media marketing does provide benefits for today’s businesses, which is why it has become so important to online marketing. The bad news is the need for the time investment and monitoring of how social accounts are used. Barring the few negatives mentioned above, most businesses can benefit greatly with the right social media services.


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