Google has continued to evolve its search algorithms over the past few years, creating what is now a process that nearly thinks for itself in finding the best web content. Even though the newest releases do much more than older algorithm have ever done, some of the basics such as correctly used meta data are still essential. To gain the best search engine optimization in College Station Texas, it is still important to pay attention to meta data as that still plays a major role in increasing site traffic and improving SEO.

Purpose of Meta Descriptions

There has been ongoing debate on whether meta tags like page titles and descriptions do anything to improve website optimization. Many believe it does not, although at one point Google did come out and state that this information was still a valuable tool to help with faster page indexing as an example. With the latest algorithm releases over the past year or two, little has been specifically stated about the meta description and whether it is still important. Logic says that it only makes sense, for a few basic reasons:

  • Keywords – A well-written meta description includes main key words and phrases as well as a page description. This is useful for faster page indexing and calling up of those pages for relevant searches.

  • Designated Content – Without a specific meta description, Google fills in with the first bits of content from the web page to display with the search results. Just the fact that Google continues to behave this way is an indicator that yes, meta description is still part of the best search engine optimization since it is what the searcher sees, along with included links.

  • Attracts Viewers – A good meta description helps viewers decide if the displayed link appears relevant to their search. This is a detail that has never changed, and probably one of the strongest supporting facts that the meta description is still very relevant in today’s improved Google search functions. Pages with complete, well-written descriptions get more traffic; pages with generic, Google-provided descriptions frequently get passed over. Getting the best search engine optimization in College Station Texas is still largely dependent on site traffic, so anything that get more clicks is still important.

Google’s Stance on Meta Descriptions

Google continues to fill in description text with whatever it can find if no specific meta description is provided. They also provide detailed instructions on creating the best meta tags and how to word the best meta description to be useful for indexers – basically, how to get the best search engine optimization results. Although the meta description is not required on every page, it should definitely be used on important ones such as Landing Pages. Google also suggests that pages that use meta description should contain unique descriptions, since duplicate descriptions may end up costing a website optimization points.

It is important for the best search engine optimization results to use unique, detailed descriptions on important website pages. Whether only a few pages are done – or the entire website – is an important decision to make. Common sense appears to be that writing correct meta data on every page is going to be helpful.

It would seem that the easy answer to whether or not the meta description is still relevant in obtaining the best search engine optimization in College Station Texas is most definitely yes. Although there are other ways that Google uses to recognize appropriate content, the meta description works more for the user than anything else – and attracting users to click the link on the search results page is still the main goal. A good description is a proven way to increase the odds of just that happening – long live the meta description!

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