After more than a year of waiting as Google has continually made suggestions that more changes were coming to its search algorithm, SEO expert services have been seeing a slow rollout of mobile-first indexing since April 2018.

Of course, the big question on everyone’s mind is whether or not SEO marketers should expect this to affect pagerank, making new SEO help methods necessary.

Mobile-First Indexing Explained According to Google

Over the past year or two, SEO expert services have noticed how Google has been gradually changing its search algorithm to favor mobile websites and content.

According to Google, mobile-first indexing will make mobile web content more useful to the growing percentage of people who search using their mobile devices.

Therefore, the goal of mobile-first indexing is to serve content quicker and more easily to mobile users, which will hopefully encourage more website owners to get SEO help and convert to a mobile-friendly site.

Mobile-first indexing is simply the way the algorithm will choose a website’s mobile page over the desktop version.

If no mobile version exists, the regular desktop page will show up in the SERPs regardless of the device being used.

This is the basic idea that all experts who work to make SEO affordable must know to understand how this change to the search algorithm works.

But Will It Affect Pagerank?

Currently, there are conflicting views among SEO expert services about mobile-first indexing and whether it will affect website pagerank.

Some anticipate that as mobile-first indexing rolls out, sites with no mobile version will suffer.

Others are speculating that mobile-first indexing is an indication that Google could be moving away from indexing URL's and moving toward indexing based on content, structured data, and other recognizable entities.

This would emphasize the need for SEO help methods that focus on content above everything else.

What Does Google Say?

Conversely, Google itself maintains that nothing is changing as far as collective indexing is concerned.

They state that SEO specialists should not see any change in pagerank whether or not there is a mobile site.

The SERPs will still rank non-mobile sites where they normally would have ranked among all desktop sites.

Mobile-first indexing is not the same thing as nor related to the mobile-friendly assessment that does influence pagerank.

What Does This Mean For Your SEO?

So what does this mean for SEO expert services trying to stay on top of everything mobile?

According to Google’s own word, mobile-first indexing right now is simply their way of choosing mobile versions of websites over desktop versions to give users the most user-friendly page option. SEO professionals don’t need to worry that they will see changes in pagerank.

Yet like everything else Google does, the truth and whether SEO help services will need to rethink their marketing strategies remains to be seen as the new algorithm continues to roll out.

SEOs should be ready to handle anything that could come their way by converting all websites to responsive, mobile-ready design - and concentrate on mobile-friendly content!

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