What used to be something that smaller businesses would consider if the budget was there, mobile SEO and mobile marketing in general has really become a business priority.

Google’s push for mobile-friendly websites to accommodate an increasingly mobile audience has created a marketing environment where it is critical.

For any company even smaller ones to now compete, adding mobile SEO services must be included with your marketing plan.

It Is A Mobile World Out There

Today nearly 80% of all internet users have smartphones and other mobile devices.

Of those, nearly 70% use their devices to search and 80% of all social media users do so on their phones.

Google has recognized this exponential growth in mobile use and determined that this is the audience that must be catered to in terms of user-friendly search and website design.

Doing so requires businesses of all sizes to invest in mobile SEO marketing and optimization if they wish to gain any kind of recognition in the SERPs.

Website Design Must Be Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

A mobile-friendly, responsive website design has been a critical mobile SEO rank signal for Google’s search algorithms ever since the company began emphasizing user experience and mobile-ready websites.

Sites that are designed for mobile users are easier to use and provide greater satisfaction to the user.

Google now labels user-friendly sites right in the SERPs and those sites largely get more consideration in the SERPs and higher pagerank.

Mobile Sites Must Be Well-Optimized to Gain Attention

In addition to having the right layout and user-functionality, businesses must invest in mobile SEO services so they end up with a well-optimized mobile site that performs for them.

This begins with focusing on user-friendliness but encompasses more, including readability on different screen sizes, effective use of headlines and links that create interest, integrating mobile SEO marketing with social media, and implementing other well-accepted SEO techniques.

Mobile Design Must Avoid SEO-Killing Mistakes

Optimizing for mobile can be both different and similar to optimizing for desktop, so it’s important to understand some of the biggest SEO killers for mobile search:

  • Slow page load speed.
  • Media that does not load fully or run properly.
  • Ads that affect the use of the website.
  • Bad redirects and inaccessible pages.
  • Failing to optimize locally.

All Marketing Must Encompass Mobile SEO Marketing

With mobile use as prevalent as it has become and that prevalence growing more every day, even small businesses must focus on mobile SEO marketing to stay competitive.

Mobile SEO is no longer an add-on to the online marketing strategy; ;it is the bulk of the marketing strategy for businesses looking to succeed!

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