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Effective ecommerce marketing is an essential factor in making ecommerce sales and ensuring they continue. Like all other aspects of online marketing that are constantly changing and improving, it is also essential for an ecommerce marketing company to continually shape and improve their marketing strategy. You can keep retail websites competitive and bring in more sales by incorporating trends that appeal to evolving consumer habits.

1. Build Consumer Confidence With Trust Icons

As secure as an ecommerce website may be, unless the security is made obvious to consumers, they may not feel confident in using the site. Use the HTTPS secure protocol which displays the secure icon in the search bar and prominently display all other security trust icons and logos on the homepage. With increased cybersecurity threats, proving site security is an effective ecommerce marketing strategy.  

2. Target Current and New Customers

Retaining existing customers is just as important as obtaining new ones and many times more effective. Re-target existing customers and find ways to bring in more of their business. Consumer loyalty means more than just additional sales; it also helps ecommerce marketing efforts by boosting brand reputation and recognition through sharing.

3. Include Videos on Product Pages

Research on ecommerce practices finds that the use of video increases ROI more than any other technique used by ecommerce marketing companies. Consumers enjoy informational and instructional videos about the products they may purchase. Videos keep users on a site longer, create a lasting impression, and generate greater interest, all of which leads to more sales.

4. Put A Face With Testimonials

Testimonials and consumer reviews carry a great deal of weight with potential new customers. They are of even greater importance when accompanied by a name and photo. Effective ecommerce marketing campaigns should seek customer testimonials and where relevant, ask consumers to share a name and photo.

5. Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

With mobile use and mobile sales skyrocketing, having a user-friendly mobile website is a critical part of every successful ecommerce marketing strategy. Consumers who can browse and buy on any device they choose are more likely to make a purchase.

6. Offer Discounts and Seasonal Promotions

Every consumer likes getting a bargain. Increase ecommerce sales with loyalty discounts, seasonal promotions, and other appealing discounts. Even when profit margin is a concern, the perception of buying something at a discounted price is an effective strategy for bringing in more sales.

7. Showcase Popular Items

Showcasing items on the homepage is a great way to bring more attention to products a customer didn't plan to purchase but may be notice as an "Additional Item." Prominently display popular sellers, items with the highest margins, or even targeted items to increase interest in these products.

8. Create A Sense of Urgency

In addition to discounts, consumers also respond favorably when ecommerce marketing campaigns generate feelings of urgency. Consumers who fear missing out on something like a discount, limited product supply, or a special offer unless they make an immediate purchase immediately will often go ahead and make a purchase they had not planned to make at that time.

9. Accept Multiple Forms of Payment

Not all consumers want to pay for something the same way. Avoid alienating customers and increase sales by accepting a wide variety of payment forms. Keep up with the commonly used options like credit cards and PayPal; stay up-to-date on the newer ones like Apple Pay.

Overall, any successful ecommerce marketing company will strive to give potential customers the best possible experience so there is no reason for them not to buy something. Attracting new ecommerce customers and retaining existing ones is easier when businesses with retail websites understand the important trends in online consumerism and ecommerce marketing. The best ecommerce marketing strategy will always be the one that reflects what consumers are looking for and how they want to shop and buy!

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