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Of all the little and seemingly insignificant mistakes that can affect your SEO, none is more consequential than poorly written title tags. If you are having trouble ranking and need SEO help to improve your optimization, the first thing SEO services suggest is that you check your title tags. Title tags are essential to your website in many ways and must be correctly written for them to help your page rank well.

Why Are Title Tags So Important?

SEO services find that one of the biggest mistakes web designers can make is to use poorly written title tags. When correctly written, title tags serve a number of important purposes. Primarily, they ensure that search engines accurately interpret a webpage so it is served to the most interested users. Users who see an informative page title link that is relevant to their search are more likely to click the link and visit the page.

In addition, title tags also appear in the web browser tab when a user visits your page and is the anchor text that is automatically pulled as the title when the page is shared. Considering their important role, correctly written title tags are essential for improving pagerank when your website needs SEO help. When poorly written, they work against your SEO efforts.

How To Write A Great Title Tag

For any title tag to perform well and get your page the attention it deserves, it must be written to be effective. By following the tips referenced below from professional SEO services, learn to write title tags to improve your SEO and website usability:

  • Tag Length - Although title tags may technically be up to 600 characters long, the best practice is to write them short, at around 60 characters. Besides character length, you must also consider character width and the way a search engine may cut it off. Ideally, you want a clear, concise, and complete tag that is fully visible as your page link.
  • Keyword Use - An effective title tag should include one or more target keywords, but not too many. Avoid titles that are keyword stuffed and make sure it reads like a full title or sentence. Use your most important keywords first to give them more impact in the search results.
  • Uniqueness and Relevance - To provide you with the most SEO help, be sure that every title for every page on your site is unique and describes page content well. Use unique identifiers on each page so it cannot be mistaken as duplicate content and can be more easily served to users based on keywords and search terms.
  • Branding - Always include your brand name somewhere in your unique title tag. If it is not a part of the keyword phrases your title consists of, include your brand name at the end of the title. Branding boosts user recognition and can improve site traffic.
  • Attracting Users - Combine the above points into a title that is written to most easily attract your audience. Explain your page in a positive light and include information that will be the most likely to cause searchers to click on your link.

Writing a great title tag to improve your SEO takes some practice; however, as professional SEO services note, the results are well worth the effort. Since these titles are the first part of your website and viewed by both search engines and searchers, it is vital to have unique, informative, and easy-to-read titles with relevant keywords and branding. Well-written and effective title tags are the simplest and most important SEO help you can give your website!

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